BANGKOK: A baby elephant was dramatically rescued from a manhole in central Thailand after his mother was sedated to allow the operation to proceed, wildlife officials said. The calf fell into the drainage trough on the outskirts of the Royal Hills golf course in Nakhon Nayok province in the early hours of Wednesday morning. Its distressed mother, believed to belong to an elephant herd travelling through the nearby jungle, stayed with the infant as it was unable to climb out of the steep pit. The pair were discovered by a passing resident, who quickly alerted wildlife officials and Khao Yai National Park authorities to the pachyderm's plight.

Would-be rescuers were initially unable to help the baby elephant due to the presence of its worried mother, and were forced to tranquilize the older creature. Unfortunately, the mother elephant then tumbled partially into the hole before being pulled out -- with the help of a digger -- and later revived, according to the the Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plants Conservation. The calf was eventually rescued from the pit and reunited with its mother, with park authorities confirming the pair had safely returned to the jungle.

The infant elephant scrambling to get out of a hole it had fallen into in Nakhon Nayok province in central Thailand.


The adult elephant is lifted away during the rescue operation.


The adult and infant elephants walking together following the rescue operation.