KUWAIT: President and team members of the birdwatching and protection team of Kuwait Environment Protection Society asked concerned authorities to establish a center for rehabilitation and treatment of birds. "Whenever a team member sees an injured bird and attempts to treat it, he cannot find an official place.

Dr Mohammed Al Matrouk with a falcon

This has happened several times, and the last incident was last month (on November 23, 2022), when Dr Mohammad Al-Matrouk, while in Jahra Nature Reserve, saw a greater spotted eagle on the beach that was unable to fly as water began to surround it," Team President Mohammad Shah said.

He said the bird's leg seemed to be stuck in a net, so "I took the bird out and it did not have any injuries, which means it had a health condition such as poisoning, etc. We took the bird to the reserve management, but they refused to accept it because there is no vet to treat it. We then took it to the zoo, but they also refused to receive it because they were afraid of bird flu," Shah said.

"We were told to take it to either Abdaliya reserve of KOC or the Scientific Center, because there is an agreement between KFAS and the Environment Protection Authority, so it was handed to the Scientific Center. So it is necessary to have a rehab center for birds, because of such incidents," Shah added.