DHAKA: Bangladeshi security personnel stand guard after gunmen stormed a restaurant in Dhaka’s high-security diplomatic district early yesterday. — AFP
DHAKA: Bangladeshi security personnel stand guard after gunmen stormed a restaurant in Dhaka’s high-security diplomatic district early yesterday. — AFP
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Sheikh Mishal urges voters to select best representatives

KUWAIT: HH the Amir Sheikh Mishal Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah called Monday on voters to select candidates who would be their best representatives, and hoped future MPs would benefit from past experiences and live up to their national responsibilities. “I talk to you ... hoping as we approach the National Assembly elections 2024 (on April 4), to better select your representatives, not to select whose objective is personal gain or inciting crises, or harming constitutional principles; your sound selection is your path for the building of a future for your nation and the generations,” HH the Amir said in an address to the nation on the occasion of the last 10 days of Ramadan.

“Don’t betray your vote, and the candidate should speak in what satisfies the Almighty, has well-spoken dialogue which avoids harming of others, inciting sentiments and emotions of voters at the expense of the nation and citizens,” he said. HH the Amir hoped the next parliament would be “distinguished with faces with enlightened thinking ...National Assembly members who benefit from previous parliamentary lessons and experiences, and live up to their national responsibilities.”

“We are looking forward to the participation of citizens of our beloved nation in the election, and who boycotts it will relinquish his constitutional right, does not perform his duty to select, and has no right after that to blame anyone for the poor outcome or poor performance and achievement. Everyone should neglect those inciting division and sedition, be united, protect Kuwait and its people,” he said.

HH the Amir, meanwhile, said it was evident the severe damage that happened to the national identity through tampering with Kuwait’s nationality. “Because the national identity represents existence, an issue of rule and a destiny of a nation, so an assault on it is an assault on the structure of the state and its major components, and cannot be ignored; therefore we commend and support all efforts and measures aimed at preserving the national identity,” he asserted.

HH the Amir prayed to Allah the Almighty to bestow His blessings upon the State of Kuwait to enjoy security, progress and prosperity, urging for the love and loyalty of Kuwait in a selfless and united manner. HH the Amir also prayed to the Almighty to support “our brothers in Gaza, have mercy on their martyrs and ours”, heal the sick, and have mercy on “our former rulers”. — KUNA

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