KUWAIT: Athra Real Estate Company held a press conference at its premises yesterday to unveil its upcoming real estate project Blue Water Mall. "The mall project is first of its kind in our business in  commercial development that offers integrated services in an area of 5,000 sq meters in the Sabah Al-Ahmed Marine City. "The Blue Water Mall is situated next to numerous existing projects in the Sabah Al-Ahmed Marine City which is the first largest project being developed in the private sector."

"Inspired by the guidance of His Highness the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmed Al-Jaber Al-Sabah to transform Kuwait into a financial and business hub, we are working to accelerate the growth of the economy, promote the role of the private sector in supporting economic development and achieve the goal set by the political leadership," said Executive Vice President and Spokesperson of Athra, Faisal Al-Kandari.

"The project is first of its kind in the region in terms of size of the investment, unique services of the project management and operations. Buyers can go for the ownership (freehold) of commercial units where the project will bring about an outstanding shift in real estate investment which will indeed be guaranteed and a high-yield with a secure market value that will increase over time and will be proved by the assessment of market prices in the region's real estate sector," he added.

Kandri revealed that 45 percent of the project was already sold. He added that the Blue Water Mall project costs KD30 million. The rumor about Kuwait real estate market having no turnout is not true and is intended to promote real estate outside Kuwait. The prices will start from KD 42,000 for 30 meters which considers a reasonable price to encourage small and medium business. The commercial units within the Blue Water Mall are of an investment value for individuals and companies alike as well as for investment funds due to the virtually strategic location of the project and its unique design. The project features commercial units of various sizes for various business activities, ensuring feasible investment returns on a continuous basis within the real estate investment market.

He noted that Sabah Al-Ahmed Maritime City is a unique achievement not only at the regional level but also at a global level. This achievement is not limited to the building of an integrated city on a land whose soil was not considered suitable for building, for what makes it exceptional is the use of the latest in modern city building in terms of planning and construction of an all-inclusive infrastructure, facilities and services at the highest levels, and which provides unique services.

"The Blue Water Mall project also aims at creating new jobs where we have now 80 percent Kuwaitis working in several positions," he added. The mall stands on two plots of land overlooking a multi-level car park. The project manager provides security and monitoring services round the clock, cleaning services for the common areas and corridors in all floors of the buildings.

Families are going to enjoy their time at the Blue Water Mall. The basement of the commercial market has been designed to feature in the center lounge a roller-skate area which has been designed by world-class designers with state of the art safety specifications to ensure enjoyment in safety at all times. In addition, the sand playground area, with specialist medical design, is provided to develop a child's cleverness, perception and creativity. It is resistant to bacteria and does not cause leave any traces on children's clothes and bodies. It is ideal for group play and having the best of times.

Athra Real Estate is a Kuwaiti company specialized in the real estate and investment sector. It was founded in 2016. The company was founded by a group of businessmen specialized in the real estate sector with great experience in this field. The company aims on becoming a leading company at the local, regional and international levels by focusing on various investment schemes and offering innovative real estate projects that meet the aspirations of investors.

By Faten Omar