By A Saleh

KUWAIT: Kuwait Medical Association (KMA) strongly condemned an assault on a female Kuwaiti doctor while on duty at Al-Bahar ophthalmology center. KMA Deputy Chairman Dr Ali Al-Moussawi stressed that the association totally condemns assaulting any doctor, adding that it will take all possible legal actions to deter any further attacks on medical staff. Moussawi also noted that KMA had immediately contacted the assaulted doctor and investigative authorities.

KMA Treasurer Dr Mohammad Al-Obaidan called for accelerating the process of passing a law on medical practices and patients' rights, which had been discussed over a year ago and still not passed. Obaidan also called for showing no tolerance with those who assault doctors and urged the Ministry of Health (MoH) to protect doctors in such situations.

The doctor also filed a case against the husband of one of her patients, saying he kept complaining about his wife kept waiting to be examined and kept shouting, which affected the doctor's focus while tending to another patient. "I opened the room door and asked him to keep his voice down and went back in," the doctor said, noting that, instead, the assaulter barged into the room shouting abusive words and assaulted her, before others controlled him. She then went to a police station to report the assault.

Infected workers
Responding to news about some co-op workers testing positive for COVID-19, KUCCS Deputy Chairman Khaled Al-Hudhaiban said that in a preventive measure, KUCCS called for testing all co-op workers. Hudhaiban added that MoH promised to randomly test 100 workers in each co-op soon.

"This comes as a preventive measure to protect co-op customers," Hudhaiban added, noting that co-ops where the cases were found were immediately closed down to have all staff members tested and sanitize the entire place, which would not be reopened until proven safe.

Notably, Ishbelia Co-op Society's board had announced closing the main supermarket after a worker tested positive for COVID-19. The co-op board added that it would remain closed until sterilization is over.