HOMS: Syrian rebel fighters rest in a field as they hold a position near the frontline yesterday in the countryside on the outskirts of this central Syrian city, as the Syria truce enters day four. — AFP
HOMS: Syrian rebel fighters rest in a field as they hold a position near the frontline yesterday in the countryside on the outskirts of this central Syrian city, as the Syria truce enters day four. — AFP

Assad sees 'glimmer of hope' in shaky ceasefire - UN to restart Syria peace talks on March 9

By Dr Ziad Al-Alyan

It’s time to invoke article 377… The UN Security Council resolution to demand a ceasefire in Gaza fails after a veto by the US. Thirteen other members voted in favor of the resolution put forward by the United Arab Emirates. This was put forward after UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres formally warned the 15 members of the global threat from the two-month war.

Sane members in the council all uttered the same concern about the message being sent to the world and other civilians who might find themselves in a similar situation. But Deputy US Ambassador to the UN Robert Wood informed the council that the draft resolution was rushed and imbalanced. He also stated it was divorced from reality and wouldn’t move the needle on the ground. Robert had more words of wisdom when he stated that a ceasefire now would only “plant the seeds for the next war”.

I would like to take this opportunity to highlight that the only thing divorced from reality is Ambassador Wood. Spending quite a significant time scrolling on his phone while other members were talking, I am not surprised that the ambassador of evil missed the fact that 18,000 civilians have been slaughtered. Half the dead are children!

Robert also had the audacity to accuse the council of “a serious moral failure”. It is worth reflecting on that comment for a while. The ambassador of the government sanctioning genocide is calling out the council members of a moral failure. The only human in the room to raise his hand up against a humanitarian ceasefire is calling others out as failing humanity. Jokes aside, I believe his presence in the room is an insult to humanity. I struggle to understand how this is OK in 2023.

Dr Ziad Al-Alyan
Dr Ziad Al-Alyan

The Zionist entity has bombarded Gaza from the air, imposed a siege and began a ground attack. More than 2 million people have been forced out of their homes. What more has to happen for the world to put their fear of persecution away and stand up against the Zionist entity? Enough is enough!

The UN secretary general called this situation a “spiraling humanitarian nightmare”, yet the UN can’t do anything about it. The council that was trusted by the world has spoken. Why do we allow one country to veto a resolution demanded by all? The US has proven its lack of ability to be a moral watchdog for the world while supporting an entity committing genocide. 

I had to research article 377, as I have to admit I wasn’t aware of it. This United Nations General Assembly resolution “uniting for peace” states that in a case where the Security Council, because of lack of unanimity amongst its five permanent members, fails to act as required to maintain international security and peace, the General Assembly can consider the matter and act immediately and issue recommendations including the use of military power when necessary in order to restore international security.

This was created for the purpose of not allowing one member to obstruct the Security Council from carrying out its function mandated by the UN charter. The irony is that the uniting for peace resolution was initiated by the United States in October 1950. However, in typical fashion, this only applies when it doesn’t contradict their personal needs.

It’s time for the international community to exercise a shift in mindset and allay Zionist fears that have been imbedded over years. The cognitive terrorism that has been exercised over the last several decades through the Zionist media machine and the swift aggressive action taken against anybody that dares criticize the Zionist entity must come to an end now.

This is best seen in Hollywood and the world of media. The fear of “getting cancelled” is overwhelming for many. The most recent victim is the journalist Mehdi Hassan, whose show was cancelled by MSNBC because the democratic establishment has decided to shift in support of the Zionist entity. He was fired after his interview with Mark Regev, the Zionist advisor. Many American citizens and journalists have expressed their disappointment with this move by MSNBC. We should stop this historic move to intimidate, harass silence and often fire those who represent mainstream voices that speak against the Zionist entity.

It is time to protect the First Amendment of freedom of speech. Once again, the US is the pioneer of great ideas as long as the circumstances are in its favor. 

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