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NIC honors Shift program graduates
Ceremony held as part of NIC’s strategic partnership with Creative Confidence

KUWAIT: The National Investments Company (NIC), in partnership with Creative Confidence, has honored the first batch of Shift program graduates, exclusively tailored to qualify freshly graduated Kuwaiti females to develop their investment skills, expand their capabilities and grow their knowledge in a way that will make them compelling candidates to embark into the investment world.

The program’s closing ceremony was held on Sunday, Dec 10, 2023 at Boursa Kuwait’s premises. The program, which was held over four weeks, included several different courses for the trainees, which helped them develop and achieve the goal of the program, thus adding to its intrinsic value, as it provides an efficient and experienced workforce ready to enter the business in the field of investment, as the program focused on developing trainees in the field of innovation and creativity and contributing to integration in the field of investment work.

The ceremony was attended by Khaled Waleed Al-Falah, Vice Chairman of National Investments Company, who praised Creative Confidence’s contribution to the overall positive outcome of the program. He also applauded the graduates of the Shift program for their enthusiasm and excitement in their commitment and development. He mentioned the importance of such a program in shaping the pivotal role of Kuwaiti women in society and their ability to bring about positive changes to the market, as well as their remarkable presence in various fields such as social, political, intellectual and cultural aspects of society.

Furthermore, Al-Falah expressed how boosting women’s participation in the evolution of the economic foundation aims to develop the productive capacity of the market. Therefore, it is imperative for women to embark on this field and pursue their career ambitions. Al-Falah continued to emphasize how Kuwaiti society depends largely on the participation of Kuwaiti women, which is primarily what the Shift program aspired to achieve.

Taibah Mohammad Al-Qatami, a Board Member at NIC, said: ‘Proud to participate in the investment part through training in collaboration with the Creative Confidence team and the National Investments team in refining the skills of the trainees and providing them with the necessary experience in training and practice to enable them to improve their skills, which will be a powerful and active tool to benefit their careers constructively.”

During the ceremony, the graduates participated in a detailed presentation about their wonderful training program experience. They presented the enthusiastic and motivating ideas they reached during this unique experience.

Fahad Al-Mukhaizim, Board Member and Chief Executive Officer at NIC, also attended and expressed how the company supports the growth and development of the national economy by strengthening the position of the private sector as a major driver of economic development.

Al-Mukhaizim affirmed NIC’s support for the growth and development of the national economy by strengthening the position of the private sector as a significant engine for economic development and qualifying national cadres with the necessary and required skills to be the best choice for employment in the labor market, as the company confirms its commitment and comprehensive participation in this positive program aimed at developing and refining the skills and capabilities of Kuwaiti women and enabling them to meet the requirements of the investment labor markets at local and the region levels.

He also highlighted the significant role of Kuwaiti women in contributing to national development, their constant support for the renaissance of Kuwaiti society and their provision of many influential contributions and sacrifices.

Abdulmohsen Al-Khatrash, Senior Vice President of Human Resources and Administration Affairs at NIC, said that the success of the program has exceeded our expectations, which represents a starting point to encourage more Kuwaiti women to mix in the field of investment by creating a gradual shift towards greater diversity in their work, adding that this program is designed to accommodate 22 trainees to prepare them to start an influential career in a successful and sophisticated manner.

On the other hand, Sumaya Mohammed Al-Jassim, Founder of Creative Confidence, praised the support provided by the National Investments Company for the Shift program and said that this program takes Kuwaiti women into a vibrant educational experience, exploring innovation and investing in their future careers. Al-Jassim added that Shift was a program that raised awareness of the vital impact of commitment, learning and creativity. “I am delighted with this program’s positive and effective influence on the trainees and can proudly say that Shift makes real change,” she said.

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