Troops from GCC countries participate in a joint military exercise titled "Integration 1" at the Adaire'a military base in Kuwait on December 6, 2023.
Troops from GCC countries participate in a joint military exercise titled "Integration 1" at the Adaire'a military base in Kuwait on December 6, 2023.
Crown Prince freezes appointments
Defense minister stresses importance of cooperation between GCC forces

KUWAIT: HH the Crown Prince Sheikh Mishal Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah issued a decision on Wednesday ordering the government to freeze all types of appointments in government jobs. The decision was published in the official gazette and became effective immediately. It is valid for three months, which can be renewed.

The unprecedented decision effectively prohibits the prime minister and all Cabinet ministers, in addition to chairpersons of state establishments, to make any appointment for the next three months. HH the Crown Prince invoked an Amiri order issued two years ago delegating part of HH the Amir’s powers to HH the Crown Prince.

Constitutional expert and university professor Ibrahim Al-Hmoud said on X the decision is in line with the constitution and aims to serve public interests. He said since HH the Crown Prince has invoked powers delegated to him by HH the Amir, the decision cannot be challenged in Kuwait courts.

The decision also banned promotions, transfers of employees or deputizing public employees from one position to another. There have been no comments from the government or lawmakers on the decision. Meanwhile, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense Sheikh Ahmad Al-Fahad Al-Sabah emphasized the importance of cooperation and coordination among the military sectors of the armed forces in Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries to achieve greater understanding, integration and harmony.

He was speaking during the conclusion of the Takamul 1 military exercise on Wednesday in Al-Adaira in the northwest of the country. The exercise involved the participation of the Kuwaiti Army ground forces and the joint Peninsula Shield forces.

Sheikh Ahmad highlighted that cooperation and coordination between the military sectors of GCC countries contribute to raising the level of readiness and combat efficiency, thereby supporting the security and stability of the region. He commended the high morale and outstanding performance of the participating forces, which reflected their readiness, preparedness and field skills. Sheikh Ahmad emphasized that cooperation between armed forces in GCC countries serves as an exemplary model for integration and excellence in joint Gulf action.

Col Hamad Al-Sager, the official spokesperson of the Kuwaiti ministry of defense, confirmed the success and achievement of the exercise’s objectives as outlined in the statement. He noted that the exercise, conducted within the framework of integration between the Peninsula Shield forces and the Kuwaiti land force, serves as a model for military cooperation and coordination among GCC countries. Sager stated that the exercise, which commenced on Nov 26, involved joint efforts and training experiences that contributed to enhancing coordination and combat readiness.

Sager stressed that the success of this exercise reflects the commitment of GCC countries to enhance their capabilities and improve their readiness to ensure safety and stability in the region. He highlighted that this periodic exercise represents a positive step towards enhancing military cooperation and defense capabilities. He added it is a special exercise for the Peninsula Shield forces carried out jointly with the ground forces of member states every four years, emphasizing its significance in achieving the concept of integration between participating ground forces and improving coordination while understanding the operational environment of different regions.

Upon concluding the exercise, Sheikh Ahmad received an explanation from the Commander of the Land Force Maj Gen Mohammed Al-Dhafiri regarding the nature, course and scenario of the final exercise. Dhafiri reviewed the capabilities of the participating forces and the most important tactical positions throughout its stages. He explained that the exercise and its multiple stages contribute to enhancing cooperation and joint coordination between the Kuwaiti land force and the joint Peninsula Shield forces, fostering complete knowledge and understanding of the tasks and duties entrusted to these forces. The exercise also aims to enhance efficiency and proficiency in implementing these tasks at the highest levels.

Subsequently, attendees witnessed the activities concluding the exercise, which included a joint practical field application and live ammunition shooting. The execution displayed a high level of professionalism and accuracy in implementation.

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