Adel Al-Majed and Boubyan leaders at the gallery.
Adel Al-Majed and Boubyan leaders at the gallery.
Boubyan Bank holds annual Lean Gallery Walk for internal improvement projects

Al-Mehri: We are glad to announce the implementation of Lean projects by Boubyan employees across various departments, making the Bank consistent with ‘Continuous Improvement’

Al-Hussainan: The gallery is an opportunity to showcase the positive change that the Lean Methodology has on the Bank’s development and growth

KUWAIT: Boubyan Bank organized its sixth annual Lean Gallery Walk for internal improvement projects implemented utilizing the Lean Methodology. The main objective is to encourage Boubyan employees towards continuous improvement by submitting opportunities of enhancement which will positively reflect on customer satisfaction and service.

The Gallery was launched by Adel Al-Majed, Vice-Chairman & Group Chief Executive Officer of Boubyan Bank Group, and Abdullah Al-Tuwaijri, CEO- Private, Consumer & Digital Banking, and Abdul-Salam Al-Saleh, CEO- Corporate Banking, Finance, Treasury, and Legal, along with a number of the bank’s leaders and attendance from Kuwait University and STC.

Abdullah Al-Mehri, the bank’s Chief Operating Officer, commented: “Boubyan Bank is committed on showing appreciation for its employees who are interested in change and improvement. The Management of Boubyan would like to thank everyone for their participation, and we will keep conducting this annual gallery in the future, God willing, to support and recognize staff accomplishments.”

On his part, Abdullah Al-Hussainan, Assistant General Manager - Change Management Office at Boubyan Bank, stated: “Boubyan Bank always seeks& encourages to improve its internal work process &environment, which shows the power of creativity and innovation of all employees of the bank, maintaining continuous process improvement concepts. “Lean methodology adopts well-studied approaches and practices that can change the traditional concept& mindset of streamlining workflows and achieve sustainable growth to contribute to the development and improvement of the bank & the employees.

He went on to add: “The ‘Lean Gallery Walk’ for internal improvement projects aims to create a work environment that encourages employees to identify ‘improvement opportunities’ through the challenges employees face in their day-to-day tasks, and to transform them intoLean projects which can be implemented& will have positive impact on improving work processes which will ultimately have a positive effect on customers and employees.”.

Gallery for internal improvement projects

This year’s gallery exhibited 11 projects & participants employees from various departments, who presented their projects during the gallery and answered queries from the attendees.

Lean is an international methodology aims of improving processes and reduce cost by minimizing waste, and focusing on customers and the quality of services and products. The bank’s continuous improvement department trains groups of employees on the Lean methodology annually, and offers them the necessary coaching and support to complete the project through specialized and highly competent employees in this field.

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