32nd plane within the Kuwait Relief Air Bridge for Gaza.
32nd plane within the Kuwait Relief Air Bridge for Gaza.
Kuwait dispatches 32nd planeload of aid supplies for Gazans

Kuwait: The 32nd plane within the Kuwait Relief Air Bridge took off Sunday heading to the Egyptian city of Al-Arish, carrying some tents to support Kuwait's Hospital in Gaza and to help shelter families who lost their homes.

A member of the Gaza Relief Committee at the International Mercy Society (Al-Rahma), Walid Al-Suwailem, told KUNA, that after receiving special reports related to the need to urgently expand the society's "Kuwait Hospital" in the Gaza Strip due to the increasing number of wounded, 500 tents were allocated, of which they were carried on today's flight.

He also noted that (Al-Rahma International) has allocated, to date, more than one million Kuwaiti dinars of medical supplies, medicines, various relief and shelter materials, and several ambulances, to provide relief to the Palestinian brothers in the Gaza Strip.

For his part, the charitable activist at (Al-Rahma International) Khaled Al-Qassar confirmed that under the humanitarian conditions in the Gaza Strip, Kuwait's Specialized Hospital is witnessing the reception of more than 600 cases per day. - KUNA

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