Netanyahu and Bond: Licensed to kill!
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By Prof Abdullah Yousef Sahar

Since the establishment of the modern state after the Treaty of Westphalia in 1648, two people have been granted a license to kill: James Bond and Benjamin Netanyahu! The difference between the two men; however, is that the first was acting and intended to kill supposedly bad guys, while the second one was provided with a license for real mass slaughtering. If the James Bond was acting with the endorsement of the Hollywood establishment, then Netanyahu was honored with that fatal license by the American verification stamp!

The license to mass murder innocents, obtained by the Israeli Prime Minister, was given on the basis of the “Anti-Semitism” catchword. By this mishmash slogan, what so called Israel has gained is the absolute right to dominate the region as a legitimate political entity based on religious myths!

Is it reasonable for the international community to accept his reality! It is really dreadful that after nearly four centuries since the Treaty of Westphalia, that had laid the first stone for the nation - state, an exception is merely donated to the Zionist oligarchy to impose an exclusive religious state. Alas, it could be said that the exception is given based upon fanatic interpretation of the “the chosen people”, which legitimatizes Netanyahu’s license to kill.

With its religious myth, the USA has free handed Israel unlimited authority to seizes the land of indigenous citizens, then expels them or imprisoned them under the restrictions of the filthiest detention camps in the world, and finally exterminate them!

Is it reasonable, after a long series of human rights treaties, war crimes conventions, and international norms, that many Western countries are indeed granting a “complimentary” killing license for Netanyahu to ethnically cleanse the region of Palestinians in order to seize their lands?

These and other questions must be raised and politically debated with complete impartiality and without any need of much ado. The ruling apparatus in the United States of America and many of the world countries that support the Zionist entity, especially in the so-called civilized world, must confront their people with a transparent answer regarding contradictory and incorrect political positions that they are taking on the side of war criminals led by Netanyahu and his fanatic gangsters.

The most important question; however, that must be addressed in this human predicament is; will the license to kill innocents that was granted to Netanyahu have future repercussions? This license, unfortunately, will definitely pave a wide way for every political entity to honor itself with the same right to kill by utilizing the same justifications that have been capitalized by Netanyahu and those who support him.

Ultimately, if the James Bond films were produced for entertainment with an indirect projection about the hidden intelligence conflict, the current horrific political scene is actually embodied in the images and voice of the innocent and the oppressed that will never fade away. Furthermore, if the profits from the James Bond movie went to the film producers and actors, there is no doubt that the current Netanyahu’s license to kill, that he freely obtained, will be very costly to the civilization and turn its dialogue to just hypocritical lips service.

The license to kill that some countries granted to Netanyahu in order to kill the people of Gaza undoubtedly will have an anxious future and fearful ramifications on world peace, as well as promoting the law of the jungle instead of the law of the United Nations. Therefore, if Netanyahu and his gangsters are not held responsible as war criminals, it is better for the United Nations to replace the first sentence of its charter from “We the people of the United Nations determined to save succeeding generations from the scourge of war,” to “we are the killers determined to slaughter you and enslave the succeeding generations”.

Note: Prof Abdullah Yousef Sahar is Professor of International Relations, Kuwait University