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Zain sponsors K-Land, Kuwait’s newest family destination
Company actively supports unique homegrown projects

KUWAIT: Continuing to actively support and participate in a range of exciting local creative projects, Zain announces its sponsorship of K-Land, Kuwait’s newest entertainment family destination. This new project, which offers an enjoyable and entertaining experience that celebrates Kuwait’s rich cultural heritage, comes in strategic partnership with the Touristic Enterprises Company (TEC).

Zain was eager to be among the first to support this unique homegrown project, recognizing the crucial role of the private sector in developing and supporting entertainment and recreational destinations that provide enriching experiences to the community. Zain’s support to K-Land reflects its commitment to contributing to advance the local economy and tourism industry.

Behind K-Land’s success story is a creative team of national talents who worked tirelessly to bring an all-new entertainment destination with an identity that celebrates Kuwait’s rich culture, history, and notable landmarks. The project offers a unique opportunity for families and young people to enjoy the winter and spring seasons in its beautiful outdoor site, located at the Arabian Gulf coastline.

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The games, attractions, and facilities at K-Land are inspired by Kuwait’s rich culture, designed to resemble some of the nation’s most recognizable landmarks like the Kuwait Towers, National Assembly building, the famous Water Towers, Souq Mubarakiya shops, the traditional Kuwaiti house, and more. In addition, the children’s praying area was designed to resemble Kuwait’s famous Fatima Mosque. These designs bring a sense of national pride, giving families and visitors the best opportunity to create the most wonderful memories.

The games at K-Land are designed to stimulate sensory and cognitive growth for children, including all-new attractions brought to Kuwait for the first time. For instance, the thrilling Zain Kventure area includes exciting new games like bicycle slackline, ziplines on two different kinds of lines, and a karting race on artificial sand dunes. K-Land includes dozens of other games and attractions for the whole family to experience and enjoy.

Every year, the Kuwaiti community anticipates Zain’s participation in the biggest social and entertainment events, where the company adds its own flavor and reflects its brand values and identity: Zain A Wonderful World. The company is set to share the joys of K-Land with the community and has prepared special activities and surprises for visitors.

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