Officials and theater committees discuss censorship standards. – KUNA photos
Officials and theater committees discuss censorship standards. – KUNA photos

NCCAL, officials discuss censorship and standard

KUWAIT: Assistant Secretary-General for the Arts Sector at the National Council for Culture, Arts, and Letters (NCCAL), Musaed Al-Zamil, said that the theater committees discussed the most important events of the theatrical season for the current summer and exchanged views on censorship standards. He emphasized everyone’s keenness to remove confusion in the concept of censorship.

Al-Zamil said on Wednesday after the meeting of the theater committees that “the council will not accept technical performances without artistic and cultural contents that,” rejecting any performances that extend until late hours of the night. He added that the Council is concerned with maintaining the level of artistic performances presented during its various events, especially the Children’s Theater.

Abdulnasser Al-Zayer, chairman of the Children’s Theatre Licensing Committee, said that the Children’s Theatre Performance Oversight Committee is concerned with checking the quality and safety of the content provided to children and reviewing the texts. He stressed that the success achieved by the Children’s Theatre in Kuwait “pushes us to focus on content.”

Abdulnasser Al-Zayer
Abdulnasser Al-Zayer

Al-Zayer added that there is a working paper for companies that produce children’s plays so that the content is purposeful, fun, and useful. In the context, the Chairman of the Theatrical Performances Commitment Committee, Dr Ali Haider, said that there is a new mechanism to raise theatrical performances for children based on goals, ideas, and concepts accepted by society.

Haidar stressed the need for the National Council, committees, institutions, and civil society teams to cooperate. For his part, the Chairman of the Committee for the Follow-up of Children’s Theater Performances, Wael Al-Jaber, explained that necessary touches are being put in place regarding the technical aspects of children’s theater so as to amend the regulations. — KUNA

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