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Today in Kuwait’s history

KUWAIT: 1960 -- State of Kuwait Radio began broadcasting news bulletins. 1962 -- Kuwait Government offered scholarships for 13 students from Emirates of Sharjah and Ras AlKhaimah to Egypt.

1979 -- Kuwait Amir Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah signed a decree on Kuwait’s joining the Vienna 1971 agreement on substances affecting people.

1984 -- Kuwait oil tanker, Kadhma, came under rocket attack during the Iran-Iraq war. No one was hurt in the attack, which took place in a period known as war of tankers.

1990 -- Elections of the National Council were held as Kuwait Amir Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah signed a decree on April 22, 1990, to establish this council in order to address negative impacts of the parliament and boost national unity, with 50 members being elected and the Amir appointing 25 others.

1997 -- Kuwait Petroleum Corporation (KPC) placed 35 million shares of Santa Fe Company for subscription in New York, with a stock being sold by USD 28.5.

1998 -- Kuwait Ministry of Interior announced closure of Talha deportation prison, releasing 154 inmates, lifting a travel ban on 86 and handing over nine persons to the Criminal ruling execution department.

2016 -- State of Kuwait joined an agreement over patents. 2020 -- Kuwait ranked 2nd among Arab countries and 47th internationally in the global health environment index.

2020 -- Mosques in Kuwait reopened following around a three-month closure due to the coronavirus pandemic. — KUNA

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