KUWAIT: Minister of Public Works and Minister of Municipality Affairs Dr Noura Al-Mashaan is seen during her meeting with officials. — KUNA
KUWAIT: Minister of Public Works and Minister of Municipality Affairs Dr Noura Al-Mashaan is seen during her meeting with officials. — KUNA

Public Works Minister urges punctuality in projects’ execution

Ministry launches 9 tenders for Mubarak Al-Kabeer Port

KUWAIT: Minister of Public Works and Minister for Municipality Affairs Dr Noura Al-Mashaan has emphasized the importance of adhering to the specifications of the contracts the ministry has signed with the private sector to ensure that the contracts are implemented properly and that the projects are completed by the deadline indicated in the contracts.

Mashaan made the remarks after meeting with leaders in the ministry who are undertaking key projects in the fiscal year of 2024-2025. Speaking to KUNA, the minister, who chaired a session with officials of the ministry’s various divisions, said action plans for each division have been reviewed and any obstacles hindering the completion of the projects have been discussed.

The meeting also discussed the projects that must be executed and finalized in the next 100 days and those that the ministry is undertaking as part of the country’s development plans, namely Terminal 2 of the airport, the railway link-up venture with Riyadh, the water desalination venture in Umm Al-Haiman and the maternity hospital project.

Minister Al-Mashaan said she gave instructions to the leaders to start work immediately and coordinate with the ministry’s diverse divisions to begin renovating and maintaining the roads across the country’s six governorates via 12 contract tenders.

She also demanded that all relevant procedures must be implemented according to governance and digital systems for sake of greater transparency and integrity and better services. Moreover, she advised the leaders to adhere to the contracts’ terms, timetables and tackle obstacles hindering the ventures’ execution.

Mubarak Al-Kabeer Port

In related news, the Ministry of Public Works announced Saturday the launch of nine tenders as part of the ministry’s annual plan for supply, contracting and service contracts that will be offered during the fiscal year 2024/2025.

The tenders are for execution of the third part of the first phase of the Mubarak Al-Kabeer Port project after which the port will begin partial operations.

The Ministry pointed out that these tenders include the tender for the construction, completion and maintenance of infrastructure, container yard area, main buildings and facilities, within the third part of the first phase of the Mubarak Al-Kabeer Port project, and the tender for consultancy agreements to supervise the implementation of the aforementioned contract.

Other tenders include one for the manufacture, supply, installation, testing, operation and maintenance of handling equipment, and another for the consultative agreement to supervise the process. A tender for the deepening of the port basin and the channel linking the port to the current navigational channel in Khor Abdullah is also among the nine to be launched this year.

A tender for management consultancy services for the Mubarak Al-Kabeer Port project. The ministry is also launching a tender related to the marine dredging of the small ship berth, with the aim of facilitating the sailing of small ships used by the Coast Guard, the Ministry of Defense and others to the rafts inside the marina. — Agencies

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