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MoI: ‘Unprecedented’ crackdown on residency violators after amnesty

KUWAIT: Interior ministry officials have warned that the ministry will launch an “unprecedented” campaign against residency violators when an ongoing three-month amnesty expires on June 17. Authorities granted the amnesty on March 17 for thousands of expats who have been living illegally in the country, giving them two options: Either to pay a fine and legalize their stay or simply leave from any border exit without the need to take permission from any authority.

Those with expired passports should obtain new passports from their respective embassies, then visit any residency department to input the new data in the ministry servers before they can easily leave. Expats who leave without paying a fine still have the right to return to the country.

Interior Ministry Undersecretary for Residency Affairs Maj Gen Ali Al-Adwani said violators can leave from any exit if their passports are valid or they can pay a fine and legalize their stay. He however warned that the crackdown this time will be extremely strict, as intensive campaigns will be launched and will be different from previous ones. He added that both the violating expats and those who give them shelter will be penalized.

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