Lawyer Lina Adlouni
Lawyer Lina Adlouni

Platform empowers ‘Kuwaiti women leaders for change’

Bridging the gender gap in Kuwait

KUWAIT: Recently emerged, “Kuwaiti Women Leaders for Change” is a new and promising platform dedicated to enhancing women’s participation in the labor market and supporting their ascent to leadership positions. This initiative launched by The Women and Business Affairs Committee Kuwait and established under the General Secretariat of the Supreme Council for Planning and Development, marks a significant step towards a new era of economic and social development.

Lina Adlouni, member of the committee and head of investment&business committee at Kuwait Law Society, highlighted the main purpose of this platform, which is to “Bridge the gender gap in Kuwait and empower women in the business sector.” By providing an accurate reference and gathering sufficient data about all Kuwaiti women leaders, the platform supports decision-makers in the private and government sectors to select qualified Kuwaiti women for leadership positions, she explained.

The initiative aims to bring to light the proven experience, competencies, and qualifications of many Kuwaiti women, providing them with opportunities for growth and development. It seeks to motivate them to engage with the business sector and boost women’s contributions across all economic and community boards of directors, leadership roles in government, state institutions, and councils.

Supporting women in the labor market and in the private and government sectors, as Adlouni stated, marks one of the key factors contributing to elevating Kuwait and its international ranking status. Drawing reference from international studies, she also stated that this would increase economic growth and attract global investments as this is aligns with the Kuwait vision 2035.

Adlouni stressed the government’s commitment to achieving “justice and equality,” which she believes can only be realized by acknowledging the significant role of women in contributing to the development of the labor force and the country as a whole. Currently, the percentage of women in leadership positions, according to data from the Civil Service Commission, has reached 28 percent. With vacant leadership positions across all ministries and government agencies, and ongoing expansion in the private sector, Kuwait envisions that at least 35 percent of leadership roles will be held by women, added Adlouni.

She further highlighted that women in the labor market are highly educated, representing a valuable resource of untapped talent. This initiative aims to leverage this pool of human capital, ensuring that women are not only participants but leaders in shaping the future by enhancing the economic inclusion and diversity in women’s participation to achieve economic and social justice in Kuwait.

Women leaders who wish to join this platform can do so by registering via its official LinkedIn account, where they can submit their comprehensive professional bios and experiences. Registration through the platform’s account entails meeting specific criteria outlined by Adlouni, including a LinkedIn profile - reflecting at least 10 years of experience, details of educational and career advancements, records of workshops attended within the last five years, engagement in forums, involvement in volunteer activities, as well as familiarity with spoken and written English and Arabic.

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