Members of Abolish 153 and artists take a group photo.
Members of Abolish 153 and artists take a group photo.

Women’s empowerment, upliftment in focus at Abolish 153 art exhibition

Event at Boushahri Gallery part of efforts to raise awareness against domestic violence

KUWAIT: In line with its mission, Abolish 153 held an art exhibition at Boushahri Gallery to showcase the work of artists expressing their perspectives through painting. The exhibition, held on Sunday, May 19, 2024, featured numerous artworks promoting women’s empowerment and societal upliftment. Attendees included members of Abolish 153, ambassadors, artists and local community members.

During the exhibition, Kuwait Times interviewed Dr Alanoud Alsharekh, a member of Abolish 153. She expressed her delight with the exhibited artworks and highlighted the significant contributions of Kuwaiti artists. Dr Alsharekh stated: “This exhibition is part of our efforts to raise awareness against domestic violence and to showcase the talents dedicated to this cause in Kuwait and the region.”

Ambassador of Canada to Kuwait Aliya Mawani also spoke to Kuwait Times, expressing her pleasure at attending the exhibition again. She emphasized the importance of such events in raising awareness about women’s issues, which are not limited to Kuwait but are prevalent globally. The ambassador stressed the need for community efforts to combat domestic violence and other forms of emotional and psychological abuse.

Mawani praised Abolish 153 for its crucial work and the exhibition’s role in fostering a community of supporters through art. “I learn so much from events like this and it’s wonderful to see artists tackling these themes. I am here to learn more about Kuwait and the people’s incredible efforts to address societal issues,” she added.

Australian Ambassador to Kuwait Melissa Kelly shared her thoughts with Kuwait Times: “This exhibition is a fantastic initiative, bringing together beautiful art for a vital cause. Domestic violence is a global epidemic, including in Australia, and it demands our attention. Raising funds and awareness is essential, and I commend Abolish 153 for its efforts.”

Participating artist Nadia Ghafour described her art to Kuwait Times, explaining that it depicts the unbalanced scales of justice for women. Her painting portrays women as flowers of life and men as flesh-eating plants, highlighting the law’s neglect of domestic violence and other injustices against women. Artist Heba Al-Enezi shared that her vibrant portrait reflects her love for people and color. She joined the exhibition because she strongly believes in the cause and supports Abolish 153’s efforts to stand against violence and for women’s rights.

Dala Al-Zayed explained her contribution as a collection conveying women’s dreams. Her painting features a coffee cup filled with coffee and song lyrics on a colorful background. The artwork is positive, colorful and feminine, celebrating women’s dreams and aspirations. Samar Al-Mutawaa’s painting focuses on women and motherhood, aiming to empower women in all their forms. It depicts three women with different appearances: One wearing an abaya, another modestly dressed, and the third revealingly. The artwork promotes acceptance and love for all women without judgment.

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