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KISR inaugurates project to assist deaf patients

KUWAIT: The Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research (KISR) inaugurated on Monday a project to develop a sign language communication system in pharmacies in cooperation with the software development department at the institute and pharmacists at the Adan Specialized Health Center. This is aimed at improving the communication between pharmacists and deaf patients.

The project is also aimed at developing a web application that allows pharmacists to convert drug instructions into explanatory videos in sign language, which contributes to improving the understanding of deaf patients and ensures their adherence to the prescribed treatment, as well as providing more accurate and safe health care for deaf patients and enhancing their ability to receive and understand the pharmacological instructions correctly.

The application was presented and used practically in front of the audience, as the application was successfully installed on pharmacists’ mobile devices in the main pharmacy at the Adan Specialized Center. There is a plan to develop an English-language version of the application, which will expand its use to a wider audience. A future survey will be conducted to collect the feedback of pharmacists and deaf patients on the effectiveness of the tool.

This project is an important step towards achieving equal opportunities in healthcare by ensuring that health services are accessible and understandable to all, which promotes the integration of people with disabilities into society more effectively. The project illustrates the commitment of the Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research to developing assistive technologies to improve the lives of people with disabilities. — KUNA

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