THIMPHU: Kuwait's Hussein Al-Musallam (center)
THIMPHU: Kuwait's Hussein Al-Musallam (center)

Al-Musallam opens Aquatics Games Center in Bhutan

THIMPHU: President of the International Swimming Federation Hussein Al-Musallam opened the Aquatics Games Center in the Kingdom of Bhutan as part of the plan of the international federation to develop the aquatics games in Asia.

The Bhutan Aquatics Center is considered the first swimming pool in the world at the height of 8,400 above sea level in the Himalaya mountains. It is also the first swimming pool in Bhutan that enjoys an abundance of lakes and rivers with a high annual rate of drowning, so the aquatics center will help promote public health in the kingdom besides eradicating the swimming illiteracy there.

The center will also be used in the training of swimmers from USA, Australia and Europe at extreme heights. Hussein Al-Musallam lauded this facility which is the most modern in the world.

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