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Burgan Bank supports aspiring job seekers at GUST Career Fair

Bank extends its dedicated human capital development efforts

KUWAIT: Burgan Bank recently concluded its participation in the three-day Career Fair organized and hosted by the Gulf University for Science and Technology (GUST). The Bank’s renewed participation in the annual GUST Career Fair is a testament to its commitment to attracting Kuwait’s brightest and most aspiring talents and investing in their professional and personal growth, guaranteeing a brighter future for individuals and the market at large.

Representing Burgan at the event was a team of select staff from the Bank’s Human Resources Department who spoke to many job seekers exploring opportunities in the banking and financial sector. The Burgan representatives introduced visitors to the nature of the work culture at the Bank and walked them through the most suitable vacancies based on their educational background, experience, and interests - going as far as setting up one-on-one interviews with the most promising candidates.

Commenting on the Bank’s participation in the fair, Abdulwahab Jamal Abdulraheem, Executive Manager - Talent Acquisition at Burgan Bank, said: “Our dedicated and talented HR team spares no effort to find and attract the best talents all year long; however, their prowess truly shines during our participation at the GUST Career Fair.

Abdulwahab Jamal Abdulraheem
Abdulwahab Jamal Abdulraheem

Being present in person allows for more vibrant dynamics whereby our representatives tailor their conversations to visitors’ interests and experiences, allowing each candidate to reveal their true potential, leading to higher success rates for the HR team and more satisfaction for the applicants. We firmly believe that every person has a unique value to add, and we aim in our headhunting and hiring process to ensure that every talent is placed and utilized properly, guaranteeing mutual growth for every individual on our expansive team as well as the organization as a whole.”

Besides discussing employment opportunities, the Burgan representatives also shared valuable information about banking awareness and financial literacy, as part of its unwavering support for the “Let’s Be Aware” (Diraya) campaign - launched and supervised by the Central Bank of Kuwait (CBK) and the Kuwait Banking Association (KBA), with the support of Kuwaiti banks. It serves to note that Burgan Bank, a certified Great Place to Work, remains one of the most highly sought employer of choice in the Kuwaiti banking sector, thanks to its vigorous and holistic learning and development program.

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