Kuwaiti powerboat team
Kuwaiti powerboat team

Kuwait’s powerboat team shine in Spain

MADRID: The Kuwaiti powerboat team made two achievements in the first round of the 2024 World Championship Endurance, organized by the International Powerboat Federation in the Spanish city of Sanxenxo, which concluded its competitions on Sunday.

Head of the Kuwaiti delegation and head of the speedboat, wakeboard, and free-diving committee at the Kuwaiti Marine Sports Club, Ali Al-Shamali, said that world champions Bader Al-Dosari and his assistant, Mohammed Al-Essayie, won second place in the “Production Boat Class” category (B) for single-engine boats with a power of 300 horsepower.

He added that world champion Khaled Karam and his assistant Adel Al-Sharidah won third place in the Promotion Class category (P) for single-engine boats with a power of 150 horsepower in the two-day tournament in the Galicia region in northeastern Spain.

Al-Shamali expressed his joy for the two wins, which witnessed great competition, a distinguished presence from all the contestants, and wide public attention. The Kuwaiti team competed with others from several countries, including Belgium, the United Kingdom, Malta, Italy, and Spain, in the first round of the 2024 tournament, which consists of three rounds, with the second round scheduled to take place in Belgium next June. — KUNA

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