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Khaleejesque’s Kilmitain workshop fosters creativity, innovation, cultural exchange

‘Overcoming your negative voice’

KUWAIT: Khaleejesque organized an interactive workshop themed “Overcoming your negative voice.” The workshop is designed to help creatives manage their inner potential as participants learned how to identify their unique patterns of negative self-talk and acquire strategies to enhance resilience and self-confidence.

After pinpointing specific instances of self-doubt and negative beliefs, participants developed three types of proactive strategies. The strategies helped them determine when to convert negative thinking into creative motivation and when to disregard the thoughts entirely. A key emphasis will be placed on distinguishing between rational and irrational thoughts and identifying which ones support or hinder creative pursuits. The practical tips that participants gained from the workshop are fundamental to creative thinking in general and can be applied to any project.

Nada Faris, a writer and certified coach for creatives, helps clients discover ways to express themselves authentically, become resilient to failure and disappointments, and accomplish their creative goals. After the workshop, Faris said, “I felt amazing. It was a wonderful batch of participants. They had amazing teamwork. We set the ground rules for our community guidelines.”

“My main goal is to demystify the negative voice. When creatives talk about resistance, it is usually in mythological terms, but I wanted to make the negative voice practical and specific to each individual and to give them practical tools to overcome it in their own process,” she clarified. “The process was really amazing; people were sharing and feeling comfortable with each other. People felt honest enough to talk about deep parts of themselves. This is rare in Kuwait, making it a unique and wonderful experience,” she added.

Khaleejesque is a platform dedicated to empowering and showcasing creative industries in the Gulf region, with a special focus on Kuwait. Through events like Kilmitain, Khaleejesque aims to foster creativity, innovation, and cultural exchange, providing a space for artists, designers, and entrepreneurs to thrive and connect with a larger audience.

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