Kilmitain opening panel discusses with Gulf Bank CMO, Najla’a Al-Issa. – Photos by Yasser Al-Zayyat
Kilmitain opening panel discusses with Gulf Bank CMO, Najla’a Al-Issa. – Photos by Yasser Al-Zayyat
Khaleejesque launches Kilmitain event to empower local creative industries
Events aim to foster creativity, innovation and cultural exchange

KUWAIT: Khaleejesque is a platform dedicated to empowering and showcasing creative industries in the Gulf region, with a special focus on Kuwait. Through events like Kilmitain, Khaleejesque aims to foster creativity, innovation and cultural exchange, providing a space for artists, designers and entrepreneurs to thrive and connect with a larger audience. Emcee Fatimah Al-Yakoob welcomed the audience and expressed special thanks to media partners Kuwait Times and Kuwait News. Yakoob added that the program’s schedule will be full, featuring engaging dialogues and workshops.

Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Khaleejesque Sheikha Fouz Al-Sabah greeted the guests and explained the purpose of Kilmitain, stating that since 2009, Khaleejesque has been covering creativity in Kuwait and Gulf countries. She noted the recent unprecedented progress in the creative sector, prompting questions about Kuwait’s current status and plans.

Therefore, they invited both private and public sectors, creative organizations, government bodies and freelancers to discuss Kuwait’s plan and direction in creative industries. They invited them to share their news, aiming to listen during the panel discussions and hoping the event would be a connecting point for collaboration and development in empowering creative industries in Kuwait. She concluded by thanking the attendees and partners, including Kuwait Times and Kuwait News, Zain Group and Gulf Bank.

The Kilmitain event started with panel discussions, beginning with Marketing Manager at Gulf Bank Najlaa Al-Essa, who talked about Gulf Bank’s belief in and focus on enhancing creative and marketing thinking, as well as spotlighting investments in Kuwaiti youth. She mentioned Gulf Bank’s presence at the event was to encourage Kuwaiti youth to present creative ideas. Gulf Bank has set up a board inviting youth to share their ideas, which will be reviewed by the bank for suitable marketing needs.

She emphasized the idea owners would have the opportunity to implement their ideas with Gulf Bank’s support, citing Gulf Bank’s numerous success stories stemming from such seeds planted with creative youth at such events, where the fruits were later harvested. Branding and Advertising Specialist at Zain Najlaa Al-Rumaih mentioned that one of the main reasons motivating Zain to support creativity is their investment in and collaboration with local talents to enhance creativity in Kuwait and encourage them to pursue their dreams, whether through material or moral support.

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