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A splash into Kuwait’s history
Mohammad Burbayea and Dominik Guhrs unveil Kuwait’s maritime heritage

KUWAIT: A groundbreaking collaboration between two Red Bull athletes and extreme sports icons is now live: Mohammad Burbayea, Kuwait’s very own JetSki champion, and Dominik Guhrs, the German wakeboarding sensation. Through a captivating video shot in Kuwait’s Nag’at Al Kout, their joint endeavor takes audiences on an exciting voyage, breaking new ground in the realm of thrill-seeking sportsmanship, all while paying homage to Kuwait’s vibrant maritime legacy.

The project was filmed in Nag’at Al Kout, a location renowned for its legacy, with the aim of blending athleticism and cultural exploration. It combined wakeboarding and jet skiing in Kuwait’s historic docks, inspired by the country’s maritime legacy. Navigating obstacles that paid homage to Kuwait’s seafaring traditions, the duo created an electrifying spectacle unlike anything seen before.

Commenting on the project, Burbayea said: “I’m immensely proud to have accomplished this feat within the intense timeframe of just one week – a first for me! A huge shoutout to the incredible Red Bull team for making it all possible.”

He added: “Filming in this setting was a departure from the usual championship atmosphere; it’s a whole different ball game. This isn’t your run-of-the-mill stunt, you see. Speedy races call for precision and velocity. Navigating a closed course, with buoy markers guiding our every move, while racing against the clock adds an extra layer of challenge. This time, I had to adapt, towing Dominik with his unique wakeboarding style, requiring a more measured approach.”

Boasting an impressive tally of 25 global gold medals in jet skiing over a span of 15 exhilarating years, Burbayea stands as a testament to unparalleled athleticism and determination. Remarkably, between 2007 and 2017, Burbayea clinched an astounding 21 championships from the International Jet Sports Boating Association, achieving this remarkable feat all before reaching the age of thirty.

Dominik Guhrs, renowned for his outstanding wakeboarding abilities, boasts an impressive array of accomplishments, including numerous German Championship titles, European Championship titles, a second-place finish at the World Championships in the WWA, and even securing a People’s Choice Ride of the Year award.

Reflecting on the project, Guhrs said: “Despite the challenges posed by navigating through bustling boat traffic, the project was an incredible experience. The unwavering support from all involved made it not only manageable but also enjoyable. Embracing the novelty of utilizing a Jet ski and winch instead of my customary Cable Park setup injected a refreshing change into the mix. He added: “Being towed by a Jet ski on a wakeboard for the first time boosted the excitement, moreover, Burbayea’s invaluable assistance ensured smooth sailing throughout, leaving me eagerly anticipating future adventures in Kuwait!”

As Dominik Guhrs and Mohammad Burbayea pushed the boundaries of wakeboarding and jet skiing, their collaboration epitomized the spirit of adventure and exploration. This idea was brought to life in partnership with Red Bull MOBILE by Zain. Stay tuned to witness Red Bull’s captivating footage capturing their thrilling exploits on the water!

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