Canvas of photos assembled at the exhibition.
Canvas of photos assembled at the exhibition.
Chinese Cultural Center hosts International Youth Photography Exhibition

KUWAIT: Through the eyes of vibrant young talents originating from Kuwait, China, and all around the globe, the opening ceremony of the International Youth Photography Exhibition was hosted by Chinese Cultural Center of Kuwait and co-partnered by Kuwait Society for Photography Arts on Monday. Bearing the theme of “Joint visions, shared future,” the exhibition, which is scheduled to run for one month, paints a canvas of captured moments from the diverse perspectives of photographers from over 50 countries, each eager to reflect the splendid beauty of their own homelands.

Photographers, art enthusiasts, and diplomats are invited from both countries to delve into the rich exchange of cultures and civilizations depicted beyond the photos, fostering mutual understanding across various facets of life. “The Exhibition is a vivid demonstration between China and Kuwait for their strategic partnership after both countries signed such relationship six years ago,” said Xia Jianfeng, director of Chinese Cultural Center in Kuwait.

The purpose of the event aligns with the aim of the center to implement cultural and tourism agreements signed between the governments of both countries, inviting visitors from Kuwait and all walks of life. “A photo can tell rich story about China and other parts of the world. This is why such activities are quite meaningful for us,” Xia told Kuwait Times. He added, “Seeing is believing. After visiting our exhibition today and later exploring China, I am certain you’ll discover that China is even more beautiful than what you see in photos.”

Having visited China multiple times, exploring their homes and lands, Suad Al-Hamar, president of the Kuwait Society for Photography Arts confirmed that what is depicted in the photos is genuine and authentic, referring to them as “spontaneous and realistic shots.” She felt deeply moved by the emotions conveyed through the pictures, from family bonding to happiness, innocence, and unity. “I’ve experienced this life firsthand in China, and life there is more beautiful than what’s shown in the photos,” she concluded.

The exhibition is initiated and organized by the Chinese Ministry of Culture and Tourism and has been undertaken by numerous Chinese cultural centers worldwide. Many of the participating countries, including Kuwait, are part of a joint agreement known as the “Belt and Road Initiative,” an ambitious plan aimed at enhancing communication and coordination, improving infrastructure connectivity, facilitating trade, promoting financial integration, and fostering people-to-people exchanges between China and the rest of the world.

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