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MoI receiving iqama violators twice daily

KUWAIT: The interior ministry on Sunday began receiving expats violating residency rules in morning and evening sessions to facilitate their departure or adjust their status. The morning session is allocated to violators who intend to correct their residency status by paying a fine and obtaining a new residency. Such violators can visit all the six residency departments during regular morning working hours.

The second session from 3-8 pm is allocated for violators who want to leave the country but have a new passport, which should be registered in the computer system. Such cases should visit the Farwaniya and Mubarak Al-Kabeer residency departments.

Kuwait granted amnesty to expats living illegally in Kuwait between March 17 and June 17. Those who want to get legal residency should pay a fine while those who want to leave the country can do so without paying a fine or visiting the residency department unless they have a new passport.

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