Hassan Al-Shammari explains basics of AI and cybersecurity.
Hassan Al-Shammari explains basics of AI and cybersecurity.
CODED Academy empowering next generation of innovators
4th edition of ‘Kuwait Codes’, launched by CODED Academy, holds orientation program

KUWAIT: The fourth edition of “Kuwait Codes,” launched by CODED Academy, held students’ orientation program on Saturday, marking the commencement of its first semester. The initiative aims to educate 1,000 students this year in various technical fields to empower the next generation of innovators in Kuwait. Speaking to the Kuwait Times, Rahaf Alenezi, Initiatives Lead at CODED, said that the significant event is aimed at fostering tech literacy among high school and ninth-grade students, adding that this season’s focus revolves around artificial intelligence and cybersecurity, reflecting the increasing relevance of these fields in today’s world.

She added, “The meeting with students will be followed up with free programming classes, aiming to equip students with essential skills and enhance their future academic pursuits and career prospects,” noting that the enlightening meeting of Kuwait Codes features four comprehensive workshops.

“These workshops, each lasting three hours (twice a week), provide students with ample opportunities to delve into project-based learning. Cybersecurity workshops emphasize the core concepts and strategies for safeguarding against cyber threats, while artificial intelligence sessions cover diverse topics such as image analysis, AI theories, and the latest AI technologies,” she continued.

Alenezi indicated that the goal of the initiative is to instill foundational knowledge in artificial intelligence while nurturing students’ project development skills, pointing out that the students are encouraged to explore innovative projects within the realm of AI. She noted that one of the students invented a device that is capable of assessing asphalt quantities needed for street potholes.

Meanwhile, Alenezi revealed that “Kuwait Codes” plans to expand its offerings during the summer semester, focusing on application programming, web development, game design, mobile development, and Python programming. The initiative was sponsored by a strategic partnership with Alghanim Industries, Kuwait Finance House, Zain, Agility, and Kuwait University, with the exclusive digital sponsorship of M2r, along with media sponsorship from Kuwait Times and Kuwait News, collectively contributing to the success and sustainability of Kuwait Codes.

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