The Kasbah of Algiers
The Kasbah of Algiers
The Kasbah of Algiers A unique archaeological landmark

The Kasbah of Algiers, known as the House of the Sultan, is located in the center of Algiers, where it was built in 1516 by the Turkish leaders and was completed in 1591. It was considered one of the largest palaces built by the Ottomans during their rule in Algeria, where it was the official place to receive guests of Algerian rulers in that period.

The castle was originally a military fortress until the ruler of Algiers Ali Khoja decided to move his residence and the province headquarters from Janina Palace in 1817, due to the violence and disturbance by the Ottoman army.

In 1992, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) proclaimed Kasbah of Algiers a World Cultural Heritage Site, as there are the remains of the citadel, old mosques and Ottoman-style palaces, as well as the remains of a traditional urban structure associated with a deep-rooted sense of community. —KUNA

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