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Community ingenuity

Innovative Mahboula residents set up DIY gym from recycled materials

The global COVID-19 pandemic undeniably brought about widespread negative impacts on various facets of life. However, amidst the adversity, there have been instances of individuals turning the challenges into opportunities, with lasting effects. One such example emerged in response to the closure of gyms during the pandemic. Some resourceful individuals in Mahboula took it upon themselves to create an outdoor gym using recycled materials with people benefiting from it until now.

In the middle of an empty yard amid trees and bushes, the outdoor gym was set up by residents, who saw it as a chance to get in shape and participate in learning new techniques on training equipment fashioned from old tyres, cement blocks, broken bicycles, wooden beams and other scrap material. Mangal Singh told Kuwait Times how the outdoor gym provided him with an opportunity to practice his fitness routine in his spare time during Ramadan before iftar. I have been in Kuwait for five years, and I have been using this gym for the past year, he said.

Krishna Kunwar said he found this hidden gem four months ago, describing it as an excellent place to enhance fitness and shape up. He highlighted the inclusive nature of the space, where individuals are encouraged to bring their own sports and fitness equipment to practice or share with others. I personally contributed by bringing dumbbells, he said. Kunwar dedicates one to two hours in the afternoon to his workout sessions, emphasizing the accessibility and flexibility of the outdoor gym on his physical health and well-being.

Priyank Patel told Kuwait Times he started training at the outdoor gym in April last year, noting he comes here to exercise and pass his time after work at 4 pm. He said the makeshift gym allows him to enjoy time with friends while having a better lifestyle and better health. He revealed this gym was set up during the COVID-19 pandemic, and provides a cheaper option for Mahboula s residents.

Ratul Ahmed Raton expressed his admiration for the concept of the outdoor gym, acknowledging its popularity among many people. However, he noted the anonymity surrounding the founder of the gym, highlighting the mystery behind its creation. Despite the lack of recognition for the individual or group responsible for establishing the gym, there is no denying the positive impact and widespread acceptance of the initiative within the community.

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