The Midnight Library
The Midnight Library

The Midnight Library by Matt Haig

“The Midnight Library” explores the concept of human existence through the lens of quantum physics, which gives this book a unique plot. Following the life of Nora Seed, the protagonist who finds herself in a library that enables her to undo her regrets and take her on a journey through the infinite possibilities of lives she could have lived, the book seamlessly weaves together the complexities of quantum physics.

Through portraying the choices that the protagonist makes, creating the kind of life she lives, The Midnight Library invites readers to think about the interconnectedness of the potential outcomes of their choices. Readers examine questions about the idea of the multiverse, regret, choice, destiny, cause and effect and the nature of satisfaction and conviction. The book illustrates how each choice we make has the power to shape our reality, prompting us to reflect on our own path and consider the impact of our choices, while embracing the uncertainties and possibilities that reside within ourselves.

Matt Haig
Matt Haig

“Every universe exists over every other universe. Like a million pictures on tracing paper, all with slight variations within the same frame. The many-worlds interpretation of quantum physics suggests there are an infinite number of divergent parallel universes. Every moment of your life you enter a new universe. With every decision you make. And traditionally it was thought that there could be no communication or transference between those worlds, even though they happen in the same space, even though they happen literally millimeters away from us.” (Haig, 2020).

This book lingers with its readers as it explores deep, unanswered questions of human existence, the intangible and the unknown by exploring quantum physics, which may find an answer to such questions.

Who is the author?

Matt Haig is a British author who is known for his works in both fiction and non-fiction. He has penned several bestselling books. His writing usually explores the human existence and experiences.

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