Farah Al-Roumi
Farah Al-Roumi
Municipal Council members support new premier

KUWAIT: Members of the Municipal Council have expressed their support for Prime Minister Sheikh Ahmad Al-Abdullah after being blessed with the confidence of His Highness the Amir Sheikh Mishal Al-Ahmad, who appointed him to this important and sensitive position at a crucial moment in Kuwait. A member of the Municipal Council, Engineer Munira Al-Amir, said: “In obedience to HH the Amir and standing with the interests of the country, we support the Prime Minister in his new duties, wishing him success in this great task. Kuwait needs its loyal men to achieve its ambition.”

Council member Engineer Ismail Behbehani also congratulated Abdullah and said, “We ask Allah to help him carry this responsibility, and we hope for an atmosphere of cooperation.” Council member Eng. Farah Al-Roumi also congratulated Sheikh Ahmad Al-Abdullah, wishing him “success and God’s guidance in his steps.” Dr. Hassan Kamal, another member of the Council, said, “We look forward to the new government presenting a clear vision for development, achievement, and service to citizens within a realistic and implementable work program.” — Agencies

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