Naqeeb Amin
Naqeeb Amin
Burgan Bank adds birthday leaves to employee benefits

KUWAIT: In its latest bid to elevate its employees’ work experience, Burgan Bank announced that all staff are now eligible for a one-day paid birthday leave. This comes as part of Burgan Bank’s continuous efforts to reinforce its positive work environment by catering to its employees’ personal and professional needs, reaffirming their indispensable value and central role in the Bank’s consistent success.

“To many people, their birthday marks a celebration of how far they have come in life, a chance to set goals for yet another year, and an opportunity to appreciate all the people and blessings that adorn their lives” Naqeeb Amin, General Manager – Human Resources and Development for the Group at Burgan Bank, said.

“Even though it’s just one calendar day from a work perspective, the personal value it holds for each individual goes far beyond just that. As a token of appreciation and a testament to our commitment to achieving a healthy work-life balance across our work environment, we decided to treat all employees to a one-day paid leave on their birthdays, separate from their annual reserve of paid leaves.”

Naqeeb went on to emphasize that adequate rest and personal quality time are directly related to the quality of work that employees deliver at work, adding that a workplace that prioritizes physical and mental health ultimately sees higher rates of creativity, ownership, and innovation. “That’s why we spare no effort to recognize our employees’ overall needs to better adjust our policies accordingly,” he added.

In early 2023, Burgan Bank announced the progressive increase of its paid paternity leave to five working days, marking the longest paternity leave in the domestic banking sector. These initiatives and more are the reason Burgan Bank is recognized as a certified Great Place to Work and listed among the Best Workplaces in Asia 2023, a Great Place to Work Middle East recognition.

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