Mohammad Toutounchi
Mohammad Toutounchi
Envoy says Iran does not seek to escalate war

KUWAIT: Iranian Ambassador to Kuwait Mohammad Toutounchi said the military operation conducted by the Islamic Republic against military centers in occupied Palestine is justified under the principle of self-defense as outlined in Article 51 of the United Nations Charter. This response was prompted by the Zionist entity’s armed attack on the Embassy of Iran, a diplomatic center protected by international law, adding that the Zionist aggression not only violates the UN Charter but also breaches international treaties safeguarding diplomatic immunity.

During a discussion with local media, the Iranian ambassador stated that his country launched diplomatic efforts on the international stage, including submitting an official memorandum to the UN Secretary-General and the President of the Security Council urging an emergency meeting, noting that Iran has repeatedly announced its official positions in its diplomatic dealings within the framework of principles.

Toutounchi said it is not Iran’s intent to expand the scope of the war in the region, but at the same time, self-restraint is not forever, as it seems that continuing self-restraint has led the Zionist entity to commit more crimes. “Since the Islamic Republic of Iran is not about to escalate the scope of the war in the region, it hopes that other countries will take effective and deterrent steps to prevent the expansion of the scope of the war by stopping the military operations of the Zionist entity against the defenseless Palestinian people and confronting wrong practices. The Western protectors of the Zionist entity, led by the United States of America, must take practical positions in this regard,” he said.

The ambassador indicated that Iran has made it clear that any aggressive actions by the Zionist entity or its Western allies will be met with a firm and severe response. “The responsibility for any consequences or serious repercussions resulting from such actions lies squarely with the (Zionist) regime and its backers. The Islamic Republic of Iran remains steadfast in its commitment to defending its legitimate interests and will not hesitate to take further defensive measures if necessary,” he vowed.

Following its legitimate response to Zionist aggression, Toutounchi revealed that his country promptly communicated to the American government through the Swiss ambassador in Tehran, emphasizing that while its response could have been harsher, it was deliberately restrained given the sensitive regional circumstances and a desire to avoid escalating the conflict. This demonstrates Iran’s commitment to maintaining stability in the region while still defending its sovereignty and interests.

“The primary objective is to send a warning to the Zionist entity and deter any future occurrences of such unlawful acts. Should the Zionist entity engage in aggressive operations against the Islamic Republic or its interests, the response will be significantly more forceful and severe,” Toutounchi warned. “It is evident that the Zionist entity seeks to entangle America in a broad and protracted conflict in the region. We strongly advise the United States against falling into the trap of this perilous game. By heeding this advice, America can avoid being drawn into a potentially devastating and protracted conflict orchestrated by the Zionist regime,” he added.

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