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Using diabetic shots for weight loss: Efficacy, risks and effects

KUWAIT: In the relentless pursuit of rapid weight loss, many individuals have turned to using diabetic shots to shed pounds quickly. This trend has gained significant traction, with the practice becoming increasingly widespread. However, the safety and efficacy of such methods remain subjects of concern, as the risks and potential side effects associated with using diabetic shots for weight loss are not yet fully understood.

Kuwait Times spoke with several people who use diabetic shots as a weight loss strategy. Sahar Moussa, 46, embarked on her journey with Ozempic twice. The first time was two years ago, when she diligently adhered to a regimen of the medication for three consecutive months. Her decision to take Ozempic was influenced by its affordability, as it offered a viable solution to her weight management concerns.

“The dosage entailed a gradual escalation, starting with 0.5 milligrams administered once weekly for a month, followed by increments to 1.5 milligrams in the second month and up to 2 milligrams in the third,” she explained. Despite experiencing initial side effects such as nausea, headaches, and fatigue, Moussa persisted, driven by her determination to combat cravings, particularly for sweets, leading to losing nine kilograms over three months.

However, the unavailability of Ozempic in Kuwait at the time and its resulting hefty price tag of KD 50 prompted her to discontinue its usage, confident in her ability to maintain her progress independently. But after two months, Moussa found herself grappling with the unwelcome return of weight, swiftly regaining 7 kg and reaching a weight of 78 kg.

The second usage of Ozempic was unplanned. It started when Moussa’s uncle lacked success with his medication (Ozempic) for his diabetes management, so he gave her his shot to try losing weight again. She is now re-embarking on her weight loss journey, determined to reclaim control over her eating habits and achieve her desired goals.

As for Nasser Hussain, 33, he used the Mounjaro diabetic shot 11 months ago, arguing the shot is certified by the World Health Organization for weight loss and he felt safe to use it in his weight loss journey. Hussein paid KD 150 per injection, affirming that it was worth it, as he lost 32 kg in five months. Regarding side effects, he had a mild headache and backache due to shrinking muscles, which he fixed with light exercise.

Hussain advised people to consult a doctor. “I consulted a doctor before getting into the process. In addition, I did several tests such as CBC, LFT, RFT + serum electrolyte, lipid profile, TFT and vitamin D,” he detailed. He called on people to take care of their health during the process by taking vitamins and not exhaust themselves too much to not suffer dizziness from low blood sugar.

For his part, Khaled Al-Sharqawi used Saxenda, which he received as a gift from a friend who wanted to help him in his weight loss journey. “I started in January this year, and it was my first time to use diabetic medication for weight loss,” he said. Remarkably, within three months, Sharqawi successfully shed an impressive 15 kg, a testament to his dedication and the efficacy of the medication. Unlike some users who experience adverse effects, Khaled was fortunate to remain unaffected by any notable side effects.

However, he did observe a decrease in his daily food intake, a positive indication of the medication’s impact on his appetite control. Despite this reduction, the craving for sweets, particularly during nighttime, posed a lingering challenge. Adhering diligently to the instructions provided on the medication packaging, Sharqawi ensured consistent administration by injecting Saxenda once daily at the same time each day. Additionally, he maintained discipline in scheduling his meals, aligning them with the designated times recommended for optimal results.

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