Aerial View of Kuwait Parliament Building during Day
Aerial View of Kuwait Parliament Building during Day
Voting ensures adequate, good representation

KUWAIT: Abstention from voting is a method commonly used by people to show disdain or dissociation with the election process; however, voting is a right ensured by the constitution to ensure adequate representation of society. Two days before the elections, HH the Amir Sheikh Mishal Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah stressed the importance of voting, its necessity and why it is a tool that people should not squander.

He stressed the importance of choosing representatives that represent Kuwaiti citizens and not choosing those who aim at achieving personal interest or fabricating crises or compromising constitutional constants. “Your right choice is your way to build the future of your country and your generations,” he said. “Don’t betray your vote, and the candidate should speak in what satisfies the Almighty, has well-spoken dialogue which avoids harming of others, inciting sentiments and emotions of voters at the expense of the nation and citizens,” he said.

An Amiri decree was issued in February dissolving the National Assembly in accordance with article 107 of the constitution and based on violations by some MPs. Some people have recently become more inclined to abstain from voting by casting an invalid vote or simply not showing up. This is usually viewed as an expression of indifference, either because a previous candidate has let them down, they can’t find a candidate worthy of representing them, or they feel that the process isn’t benefiting them.

While abstention can be a message, it also has its consequences. The parliament will then only represent adamant voters, while those who abstained will not be represented. Therefore, voting is necessary to achieve a parliament that reflects everyone. HH the Amir stressed the importance of not abstaining from voting. “Whoever boycotts is wasting his constitutional right and has not made their choice in good faith. After that, voters cannot blame anyone for the low outputs, poor performance and lack of achievement. Everyone should not pay attention to advocates of division and strife,” HH the Amir said, stressing citizens must stand in one line to protect Kuwait and its people.

Voters should choose a candidate that will benefit society as a whole by ensuring the correct choice is made. Statistics of the elections affairs department of the ministry of interior have shown the total number of male and female citizens who are entitled to vote is 834,733 — 405,948 males and 428,785 females.

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