Lujain Al Wazzan
Lujain Al Wazzan
Al Wazzan Education launches ‘One International School’

KUWAIT: Lujain Al Wazzan, Chief Operating Officer of Al Wazzan Education, announced the launch of a significant project that puts Kuwait on the map of global education and changes the traditional concept of the school, “One International School,” a substantial shift within the education sector in Kuwait and the region.

The concept revolves around four fundamental pillars that have not been met in any school before: (1) Internationally accredited American curriculum, STEAM program, and Montessori methodology. (2) Directing the school’s curriculum towards entrepreneurship and wealth management for the first time at the level of Middle Eastern schools, derived from our Kuwaiti roots and ancestors who explored the seas, dived into their depths, and crossed its desert.

(3) A comprehensive health, physical, and psychological program for students, presented in innovative and unusual ways, in cooperation with a renowned fitness center in Kuwait, which is Lose/Gain. (4) The Kuwaiti values constitute the school’s culture and moral approach.

All this comes with an ingenious yet exquisite engineering design, unprecedented in Kuwait, led by the creative Kuwaiti architect Eng. Jassim Al-Saddah who won many awards for his architectural creativity, combining the latest architectural ideas and educational needs with attractive and comfortable designs for students and the school community in a space that is one of the largest in Kuwait’s schools.

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Mahmoud Najm, Director of Education and Development, and Dr. Tracy Randall, Director of Curriculum at Al Wazzan Education, also stated that the educational curriculum focuses on the concept of entrepreneurship to instill the skills of forward-thinking, far-sightedness, seizing opportunities, flexibility, and creativity under the umbrella of Kuwaiti values derived from our history and reality.

The project also witnessed the first cooperation of its kind between a school and a renowned fitness center, Lose/Gain, led by Abdullah Abu Al-Qasim and Mariam Dashti, pioneers in the field of physical health and sports; they will oversee the programs of physical health, nutrition, and sports, to promote a healthy culture among students.

With this project, Al Wazzan Education seeks to provide an integrated educational experience that elevates the level of education in Kuwait and prepares students for practical life. Here are Al Wazzan Education top executives; Lujain Al Wazzan (Chief Operating Officer); Mahmoud Najm (Director of Education and Development); Dr. Tracy Randall (Director of Curriculum); Jassem Al Saddah (Founding Partner/Creative Director - Babnimnim); Abdullah Abu Al Qasim (Managing Director – Lose/Gain) and Mariam Dashti (Head Coach – Lose/Gain).

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