KUWAIT: (From left to right) Yousef Al-Ruwaieh, Bashar Al-Salem, Dawoud Marafi, Walid Al-Saqabi, and Ahmed Al-Majed are pictured during the press conference.
KUWAIT: (From left to right) Yousef Al-Ruwaieh, Bashar Al-Salem, Dawoud Marafi, Walid Al-Saqabi, and Ahmed Al-Majed are pictured during the press conference.
‘Kuwait Sports Day’ aims to create a healthy lifestyle
Fostering sports awareness and participation in the society

KUWAIT: Minister of State for National Assembly Affairs, Youth Affairs, and Communications Affairs Dawood Maarafi underscored the significance of the upcoming “Kuwait Sports Day” event to be held under the auspices and attendance of HH the Prime Minister Sheikh Mohammad Sabah Al-Salem Al-Sabah. This community sporting event, organized by the Kuwait Sports For All Federation, supervised by the Public Authority for Sport, and set to be held on March 9, is the first of its kind and is open to all groups and ages in Kuwait, said Maarafi in a press conference held Sunday at the Public Sports Authority HQ.

The sporting initiative aims to create a healthy life, he added, calling on everyone to participate in it. He thanked state institutions, the public sector, the Public Authority for Sport, sports federations, and the private sector institutes participating in this event.

In turn, Deputy Director General for Competitive Sports Affairs at the Public Authority for Sports Bashar Abdullah said that the event will be at the Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah Causeway and will include a 5-kilometer walking race and a 15-kilometer cycling race, in addition to sports activities, exhibitions, and group competitions. Abdullah explained the importance of holding this event, which will be held every year, noting that it helps increase sports awareness in society. He thanked His Highness the Prime Minister and Minister Maarafi for their support, as well as the sponsors of this event.

During a press conference on Sunday, Maarafi emphasized that the event marks a pivotal step towards fortifying Kuwait’s sports infrastructure and elevating its sporting landscape, aiming to transform athletes into ambassadors and foster both domestic and international interest in sports, ultimately contributing to the betterment of present and future generations. Maarafi affirmed the government’s commitment to nurturing a vibrant sports culture and positioning Kuwait as a beacon of civilization in the region, dedicated to adopting a healthy lifestyle and a thriving society for all its inhabitants.

Expressing gratitude towards state institutions, ministries, sports federations, and the private sector for their collaboration and support, he called for continued solidarity in integrating sports events into their agendas and operationalizing them to advance societal well-being. He urged participants to view their involvement in “Kuwait Sports Day” as a testament to their commitment to promoting health awareness and nurturing societal resilience, emphasizing the positive correlation between sports engagement and enhanced physical, psychological, and social well-being as evidenced by scientific research.

Maarafi concluded by urging collective efforts towards making this year’s “Kuwait Sports Day” a transformative opportunity for promoting health consciousness and holistic recovery, calling upon all to unite in realizing this shared vision for a healthier and more prosperous Kuwaiti society. Deputy Director General of the Public Authority for Sports for the Competitive Sports Sector Bashar Abdullah Al-Salem reflected on the significance of “Kuwait Sports Day” as a realization of a longstanding aspiration within Kuwait’s sporting community.

He emphasized the importance of fostering sports awareness and participation in Kuwaiti society, outlining the authority’s commitment to enhancing this awareness through the establishment of an annual sports day, accompanied by various events and the creation of a vibrant sports village, and expressing optimism for the future growth and success of “Kuwait Sports Day” as a catalyst for promoting health, well-being, and unity among its citizens.

Yousef Al-Ruwaieh, Deputy General Manager for Public Relations and Media at Kuwait Finance House, lauded the commendable efforts and dedication exhibited by Kuwaiti youth towards ensuring the success of the upcoming sports day. Highlighting the bank’s commitment to social responsibility, Ruwaieh emphasized the institution’s unique role in supporting Kuwaiti achievers and their endeavors on both national and international platforms.

Ahmed Al-Majed, General Manager of Suffix Sports, expressed gratitude for the extraordinary opportunity presented by the collaboration between the private and public sectors in the realm of sports, marking today as a historic and momentous occasion, underscoring the multifaceted significance of sports, and recognizing it not merely as an activity but as a culture, an economic driver, and a foundational element essential for any society harboring aspirations for the future.

Majed detailed the schedule for the event, slated to kick off at 8:00 a.m. and featuring a 5-km walking race alongside a 15-km bicycle race. Additionally, he highlighted the presence of a dynamic sports village boasting over 15 different athletic activities, promising a vibrant atmosphere conducive to fostering camaraderie and sportsmanship among participants.

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