Sadeeqa Al-Ansari
Sadeeqa Al-Ansari
Kuwait set to participate in Special Olympics

KUWAIT: Kuwait will participate in the first regional council for leading families of Special Olympics Players in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region to be hosted by Cairo with 10 Arab countries in attendance.

Kuwait is represented by Sadeeqa Al-Ansari who said this participation comes out of the special keenness of Special Olympics to activate the role of the family and brothers to improve players in various sports, social, and cultural fields adding that the regional council of leader families that is being held for the first time aims at training 10 leader families in their role as leaders with the program of their local activities through concentrating on how to get families participate in organizing activities of their interest and provide the basic information to publish their stories, experiences and the challenges they face. That in addition to providing information and necessary sources to establish a family network regionally to exchange the best experiences in subjects related to sports training, education, inclusion, leadership and health in addition to covering families’ stories and activities.

Al-Ansari thanked the regional Special Olympics headed by Engineer Ayman Abdulwahab for their interest in the regional councils due to their vital role to improve the players levels in various fields. She also thanked the administration of Tomooh Club and Kuwait Special Olympics for their support.

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