KUWAIT: Kuwait University organized marathon in Sabah Al-Salem University city on Saturday morning.- KUNA
KUWAIT: Kuwait University organized marathon in Sabah Al-Salem University city on Saturday morning.- KUNA
Kuwait University organizes marathon to promote sports

KUWAIT: Kuwait University organized the first-of-its-kind marathon in Sabah Al-Salem University city Saturday morning, with widespread participation from inside and outside the university. Speaking to KUNA, Acting Assistant Dean for Student Activities at Kuwait University, Dr. Salem Al-Shammari, emphasized the event’s mission: to invigorate athletic involvement within the academic and student populace.

Al-Shammari further added that the Deanship of Student Affairs is actively enhancing sports and physical activities on campus, acknowledging their positive impact in fostering a healthy environment, as he commended the students’ and the public’s enthusiastic participation in the marathon. In a parallel statement to KUNA, Nasser Al-Dhubaibi, director of sports activities at Kuwait University’s Deanship of Student Affairs, revealed that the marathon marks its first run in Sabah Al-Salem University city, with over 2,000 participants from within and beyond the university.

The primary targets for participation in the five-kilometer marathon within the university city were faculty, staff, students, and then the general public, he mentioned. The event offers participants a chance to explore college buildings and university facilities, many of which have won awards for their architectural and engineering designs in international competitions, he pointed out. — KUNA

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