Ambassadors checking the Palestinian soap.
Ambassadors checking the Palestinian soap.
Embassy launches 4th edition of ‘Palestinian Products Festival’
Exports to Kuwait have seen a significant increase

KUWAIT: The Embassy of Palestine to Kuwait launched the 4th edition of the “Palestinian Products Festival” under the patronage of Palestinian Ambassador Rami Tahboub at the Graduates Society. On the sidelines of the event, Ibrahim Najjar, the Executive Manager of Palcircless, highlighted the challenges faced by Palestinian companies in participating in exhibitions, saying “Despite the difficulties posed by the region’s intricate road network, which includes 756 military checkpoints, 11 Palestinian companies managed to participate in the exhibition. However, the ongoing siege and war in Gaza prevented companies from that region from contributing to the event. These barriers make it challenging to transport goods.”

Najjar underscored the importance of the Kuwaiti market for Palestinian exports, noting the trust placed in Palestinian products by Kuwaiti consumers. Over the years, exports to Kuwait have seen a significant increase, reaching 20 million dollars by the present day. This positive trend reflects the potential for further growth in trade relations between Palestine and Kuwait. Moreover, he emphasized Kuwait’s unique role among Arab countries in supporting the Palestinian cause. “Kuwait stands firmly with the leadership and people of Palestine, offering not only market opportunities but also humanitarian aid, particularly to those in Gaza,” he noted.

For his part, Palestinian Ambassador Rami Tahboub expressed gratitude for the opportunity to showcase Palestinian products at the fourth Palestinian Products Festival in Kuwait, adding “The festival serves as a vital platform for Palestinian merchants to exhibit and sell their goods, especially as Ramadan approaches, a time when demand for such products typically increases.”

Tahboub noted the significant demand for Palestinian products from both Kuwaiti citizens and other residents in Kuwait. He underscored the festival’s importance in supporting the Palestinian economy amid challenging circumstances, including the ongoing situation in Gaza and the West Bank, indicating that the presence of a diverse audience, including ambassadors to Kuwait which reflects the widespread appreciation for the quality of Palestinian products.

He extended gratitude to Kuwait for its ongoing support in both Palestinian affairs and commercial endeavors, particularly for its backing of exhibitions featuring Palestinian food and craft products. The Palestinian Products Festival offers an array of products such as food, handicrafts, and heritage related products. The event is being held from February 29th to March 4th, 2024.

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