KUWAIT: Burgan Bank’s staff celebrate Kuwait National and Liberation Days.
KUWAIT: Burgan Bank’s staff celebrate Kuwait National and Liberation Days.
Burgan Bank celebrates National Day, unveils ‘Beladona Helwa’ song

KUWAIT: In a continued effort to celebrate momentous occasions with its employees, Burgan Bank hosted a memorable event specially organized for its staff, in celebration of Kuwait National and Liberation Days. The event held at Burgan Bank’s headquarters featured the first-time exclusive unveiling of the National Day ad that features the song “Beladona Helwa” produced by Burgan Bank. The celebrated remake is the official title track from the recently reprised “Al-Sindbad Al-Bahri” children’s play. This initiative is a key highlight of Burgan’s robust employee engagement program.

Naqeeb Amin
Naqeeb Amin

Commenting on the event, Naqeeb Amin, General Manager - Human Resources and Development for the Group at Burgan Bank, said: “This year’s National Day celebration was particularly special as Burgan employees participated in various activities during the event. In addition, we unveiled the National Day song ‘Beladona Helwa’, which is the main singing act of the modern remake of ‘Al-Sindbad Al-Bahri’ play, a cultural treasure that has resonated with Kuwaitis for decades. To this end, we are always looking to foster a sense of community within our organization. Beyond the day-to-day work and the constant pursuit of professional development, we want to make sure our employees always feel appreciated and engaged.”

“At Burgan Bank, we believe in celebrating our national heritage and culture together as one family. Events like these are a testament to our ongoing efforts to create an inclusive and supportive workplace,” Mr. Naqeeb added. “We are always committed to being an employer of choice, driven by the passion and dedication of our employees. The National Day celebration is just one of the many ways we aim to show our appreciation for our staff and their contribution to our success.”

The event not only served as a celebration of national pride but also as an opportunity for staff from across different departments to bond with one another in a relaxed setting.

Burgan Bank continues to prioritize its mission to become an employer of choice, holding a wide array of events that underscore its innovative approach to employee engagement and well-being. The Bank remains committed to creating a positive and productive work environment where employees feel valued and connected, stemming from its slogan “Driven by You”.

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