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Once upon a song: A fusion of Western and Middle Eastern musicon

By Zainab Al-Mashoor

KUWAIT: The Alawada band performed a fusion of Western and Middle Eastern melodies at the Yarmouk Cultural Center with a nostalgic reminisce to the 90s era on Wednesday evening. The band transported the audience back in time with well-loved classics from their youth and Spacetoon childhood tunes. The performance highlighted the band's unique ability to fuse diverse musical traditions and instruments into familiar songs such as "AhdElasdeka," “Aisha/Zaina,” and "Hotel California," which added depth and richness to each composition.

According to Mubarak Hashem, the manager of Alawada Band, the name "Alawada" was chosen from the Arabic word "Awada," meaning the return or reunion. It reflects the band's bringing together members from various backgrounds, nationalities, and cultures to create a musical experience that transcends boundaries.

The band includes distinguished members who bring their own unique flair to the stage from Venezuela, Kuwait, Pakistan, and America. The band's diverse lineup includes Talal Khaled on vocals and guitar, Saba Soulayman on vocals and violin, Arshad on bamboo flute, Essa Rafael on cajon, Jarah Almansoury on Kuwaiti percussion, Faisal Aljeemaz on Kuwaiti percussion, and Rakan Alnajem on Kuwaiti percussion. As the night drew to a close, it was evident that the Alawada Band had succeeded in not only entertaining but also inspiring their audience, leaving them eagerly anticipating their next performance and the promise of more great musical adventures to come.

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