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Record-breaking projections light up Tokyo skyscraper

The imposing towers of Tokyo’s city government headquarters are now home to the world’s largest permanent projection mapping display, which officials hope will become a new tourist draw. Soaring birds, traditional patterns and illustrations of landmarks including Mount Fuji are among the designs adorning the skyscraper in a nightly spectacle.

The evening light show began on Monday, the day after an opening event was held with live instrumental music. Tokyo Metropolitan Government (TMG) hopes the bright lights on its twin-towered building in central Shinjuku will “add color” to the capital’s skyline year-round.

The city government, which already offers free viewing floors with large windows at the top of each tower, also hopes to create a new tourist attraction with the display. Visitor numbers to Japan have surged since pandemic-era border closures ended, with the number of foreign tourists hitting a record for December last year. Guinness World Records has certified the attraction, called “Tokyo Night and Light”, as the “largest architectural projection-mapped display (permanent)”, TMG said.—AFP

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