This file photo shows people fishing from a pier at sunset in Kuwait City.
This file photo shows people fishing from a pier at sunset in Kuwait City.
Expats see Kuwait as second home
Tax-free income, safety, multiculturalism some of the reasons expats choose to stay

By Chidi Emmanuel and Ghadeer Ghloum

Over the years, Kuwait has emerged as an international destination for expatriates seeking exciting and lucrative opportunities. With its thriving economy, modern infrastructure, cultural diversity and welcoming atmosphere, Kuwait has become an oasis that appeals to expatriates from around the world. Kuwait Times explored the reasons behind the growing attraction of expatriates towards Kuwait, highlighting its economic prospects, cultural enrichment and quality of life.

“Many people are here because Kuwait is safe and family-oriented. It is relatively tax-free and life is easier here compared to other countries. One of the primary reasons expatriates flock to Kuwait is its flourishing economy. The country’s robust oil industry has been the backbone of its economic growth for decades, attracting individuals looking to tap into lucrative employment opportunities,” Ahmed Amr, an Egyptian expat, told Kuwait Times.

“It is safe here unlike other Middle East countries. Kuwait offers a tax-free income, making it an enticing prospect for those seeking financial advancement and security. Moreover, Kuwait’s stable economy offers a chance for both personal and professional growth. Although there are fewer opportunities for career development to support the aspirations of expatriates, Kuwait is still better than other nations in the region,” Ahmed’s friend Ayman Omar said.

Moreso, Kuwait’s multicultural and religiously diverse environment is another compelling draw for expatriates. The country embraces diversity and provides an inclusive society where individuals from different backgrounds coexist harmoniously. “Unlike other nations in the region, Kuwait gives a unique opportunity to expatriates. I was surprised to see the huge number of Christians in Kuwait. The Catholic, Evangelical, Coptic, etc churches are always filled to the brim on Fridays and Sundays. The country’s cultural and religious offerings ensure expatriates can experience a truly enriching lifestyle,” Anne Charlie, an African expat, explained.

Despite the frustration of being away from home, many expatriates choose to stay in Kuwait for several reasons. For Sousy, an Indian human resources manager working in the private sector, it is about the generous compensation packages that come with job offers. “Many companies in Kuwait offer good and attractive compensation packages to expats. The exchange rates and the incentives encourage many people who seek better financial stability to come to Kuwait,” she noted.

Zainab Ibrahim, a Lebanese physical exercise coach, emphasized the safety and security benefits that Kuwait offers. She said Kuwait is considered a safe country, which makes it a favorite destination for expats who have families. “Thankfully, Kuwait has a stable political environment and strong security measures, which provide a sense of security and peace of mind for families. Also, Kuwait’s geographical position is very near to my home, Lebanon, which makes it one of my personal favorite options,” Ibrahim said.

Vibrant community

Mohammed Hussain, an Australian operations manager at a private company, told Kuwait Times that he planned to stay in Kuwait for only two years, but the multiple opportunities he is finding in Kuwait encouraged him to extend his stay. “Kuwait’s labor law stipulates that expat workers are entitled to end-of-service benefits upon completion of their contract, providing a financial cushion when they decide to leave Kuwait or retire. This, along with many other things, allows individuals the opportunity to establish a good life, making Kuwait a destination for expats,” he said.

Hussain further elaborated on the fact that Kuwait has a vibrant expat community, which provides social support for newcomers and helps ease the transition into a new country, as they can participate in various social activities, join clubs and organizations and make friends to a reasonable extent.

Low crime rate

Kuwait boasts a high quality of life that is attractive to expatriates. The country offers a safe, clean and modern environment coupled with basic infrastructure. Over the years, Kuwait has witnessed infrastructural development that resulted in improved transportation networks, state-of-the-art shopping malls, excellent leisure facilities and luxurious accommodation options. Expatriates can enjoy a comfortable and convenient lifestyle.

“Kuwait has a low crime rate and is renowned as very peaceful. Unlike in the West, gun violence and other criminal activities are rare (in Kuwait). There are social events that foster stronger ties between expatriates and Kuwaiti nationals. Furthermore, Kuwait’s high-quality infrastructure, safety and modern amenities ensure an enjoyable standard of living. This and more make expatriates choose Kuwait as their second home,” Henry Daniels, a British expat, said.

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