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NBK mobile banking, the ultimate travel companion

KUWAIT: National Bank of Kuwait (NBK) always strives to enrich its digital banking services provided through the NBK Mobile Banking App by introducing new features and enhancements that are meticulously designed to meet customers’ expectations and enable them to manage their accounts, and make more transactions easily and securely, anytime, anywhere, especially during the official holidays and travel seasons.

Managing cards during travel

Customers can manage their debit, credit, and prepaid cards while traveling. They can inform the bank by selecting the cards they would like to use while being abroad.

Report lost/stolen cards

Users can report/lost stolen cards with a click of a button via the App. Once the card has been reported, a replacement card will be issued automatically.

Temporarily block/unblock credit cards

Users have the capability to easily block or unblock their credit cards using the App with just a few simple steps. The service is instant, safe, and available around the clock.

Easier transfers

Transfers are made easier now, as customers don’t need an OTP. Instead, they can authenticate with their password or biometrics (Face ID).


FlexiPay is available on the App providing eligible NBK Credit Cardholders with the flexibility to make payments for their in-store or online purchases, whether made locally or internationally.

Quick Pay

Customers can use the enhanced service of Quick Pay to send links and receive money, anytime, even during the weekends and official holidays, and choose the preferred method of sharing the link.

Transfer receipt

App users will get a transfer receipt after making transfers. They can also refer to the account statement, go to the transfer transaction, and get the transfer receipt.

Manage registered devices

Users can manage their registered devices on NBK Mobile Banking through the App itself. They can add a device or delete it. For the safety and security of the customer, NBK is keen to limit the number of devices allowed to register for the service.

In addition, the bank has recently released new useful services and enhanced some so the transactions can go through easily including: applying for cards, loans, or increasing credit card limit prior to travel, displaying amount on hold for credit cards and accounts, finding currency exchange rates, in addition to the existing services such as increasing or amending monthly transfer limits, making bill payments, and much more.

Commenting on this, Mohammed Al-Dakheel, Head of Mobile Banking, Consumer Banking Group at National Bank of Kuwait said: “Through NBK Mobile Banking App, we provide a full-fledged banking experience aiming to empower customers digitally and provide them with the latest and most advanced banking services.”

“The NBK Mobile Banking App is well deservedly called the “Ultimate Companion” for NBK Customers. It is also considered the bank’s main digital channel, which accounts for the major share of banking transactions with over 600,000 registered users and over 68 million transactions made through the App in 2023,” he added. “During 2023, we introduced over 50 releases, each included a bundle of new services and enhancements. With the new interface and enhancements, the App has become more user-friendly, smarter, enabling users to make their transactions faster with less screens,” he explained.

Through the NBK Mobile Banking App, NBK aims to offer customers a secure platform to conveniently manage their finances at any given moment. This service facilitates a wide range of banking activities, including opening new accounts, monitoring transactions on accounts and credit cards, accessing accumulated NBK Miles and NBK Rewards Program points, settling credit card dues, making payments for electronic bills, locating the nearest NBK Branches, ATMs, and CDMs across Kuwait, submitting requests for account statements, updating personal information, as well as toll-free numbers to call when they are abroad to reach the bank for any help/inquiry. Customers can easily download the NBK Mobile Banking App, which is currently available on various platforms including the Apple Store, Google Play Store, and the Huawei App Gallery.

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