Group photos of the winners.
Group photos of the winners.
CAN holds several sports activities

KUWAIT: Director of Haido Sport Academy Abdullah Al-Saleh, the sports arm of Cancer Aware Nation (CAN) said several sports activities took place during the 9th joint Gulf Week for Cancer Awareness that was held from Feb 1 until Feb 7, 2024 under the theme (We Are With You) under the patronage of Health Minister Dr Ahmad Al-Awadhi. He said the first of such activities was Kuwait Football Amateurs League that started Nov 7, 2023 and continued until Feb 7, 2024 at Surra yards.

14 teams participated including Haido’s team as the league is held under the patronage of Public Authority for Sport. Al-Saleh said CAN is honored to continually launch many sports activities in order to teach youth how to utilize their free time with sports and benefit from its positive effect in changing lifestyle.

He said sport is the cornerstone in keeping youth away from risk factors that cause a drop in immunity and get diseases. It also contributes to the reduction of smoking rates among the youth that besides causing the secretion of happiness hormones helps people enjoy their lives.

He said CAN organized an awareness exhibition about cancer, at Surra on Feb 2, which aimed at identifying the initial signs of cancer and means of prevention of many cancer types that are related to the healthy lifestyle that is related to eating healthy food and doing physical activities.

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