Visitors visit Kenyan booth.
Visitors visit Kenyan booth.
KU celebrates diversity through ‘The People’s Forum’ event

KUWAIT: “The People’s Forum”, a gathering of 77 countries, took place at Kuwait University (KU) on Saturday, with participants displaying their unique heritage and history. During the opening, Dr Mishari Al-Harbi, Acting Director of Kuwait University, said Kuwait University always seeks to embrace different cultures through cultural scholarships, student exchange programs and joint cooperation agreements with multiple international universities. Forty countries from five continents participated, aiming to be an incubator for knowledge and science in Kuwait. Dr Harbi emphasized Kuwait University is keen to provide support for activities and encourage multiplicity to promote values and principles, alongside its academic role.

Dr Jassim Al-Hamdan, Acting Dean of Student Affairs at Kuwait University, further elaborated that holding this forum means learning about the cultures and customs of countries through a group of fun activities and events throughout the day, praising the role of scholarship students for participating in this event. He added Kuwait University has scholarship students representing 89 countries. “They have enriched the university’s environment with their multiple cultures,” he said, thus promoting the spirit of coexistence.

The event was spread from the Cultural Center at Kuwait University to the vibrant gardens, where a plethora of engaging activities were available, filling the atmosphere with creativity and cultural exhibits. Participants from every country presented their crafts and traditions, proudly introducing visitors to the elements that hold their national identity. One Kuwaiti exhibitor, Om Nasser Burbaie’e, proudly displayed her handmade crafts. “These crafts were meticulously crafted at Sadu House. I participate in Sadu House workshops that are specialized in knitting wool threads, transforming them into beautiful shapes such as characters, toys, children’s blankets, gloves and many other items,” she told Kuwait Times.

Moreover, participants from the Kuwait Center for Down Syndrome showcased their remarkable talent for handcrafts, such as making accessories and engraving words onto metal. Khalid Mahmoud Abdulrahman, a member of the Kuwait Center for Down Syndrome, explained to Kuwait Times the process behind his handmade accessories, carefully selecting suitable color combinations.

Within the indoor exhibition area, a stage served as a platform for each participating country to showcase their traditional dance, making “The People’s Forum” at Kuwait University a celebration of diversity, as nations came together to share information about their country and learn others’ unique cultures.

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