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NBK hosts First Annual Meetup for ‘Tableau’ experts

KUWAIT: Underlining its ongoing commitment to increase employees’ efficiency and qualify them with the most advanced solutions, National Bank of Kuwait (NBK) hosted the First Annual Meetup for Tableau data analytics and visualization software, with the participation of Salesforce, the famous American cloud-based software company and developer of Tableau.

In the two-day event, Tableau experts delivered specialized workshops to elevate creators’ skills in the growing community of hundreds of Tableau users, including workshops on advanced visual analytics and design thinking. It also shed light on harnessing the value of data assets using AI-powered analytics and automated workflows. This training comes in line with NBK’s consistent efforts over the past years to invest heavily in Data Analytics and processing to understand customers’ needs and behaviors.

Business users of all levels can now answer their own questions and generate insights by automating data preparation and easy-to-use visual analytics dashboards. Business lines were also able to see, in real-time, how other departments have been streamlining their analytics and benefiting from time and cost savings.

Popular tools like tableau are increasingly being adopted across the industry in Kuwait, signifying a shift towards empowering business users to discover data visually. This event exemplifies the Group Data Office’s commitment to a culture of self-service analytics and enabling domain experts to leverage their knowledge with the help of analytics tools like Tableau.

Speaking on this, Sudhakar Nibhanupudi, Chief Data Officer at National Bank of Kuwait said: “Hosting this event reflects NBK’s commitment to invest heavily in enhancing collaboration and excellence of its employees, in addition to qualifying talents and competencies with professionally refined skills in Data Analytics.”

“It is the strategy of Group Data Office to enable data-driven decision making by businesses and self-service analytics is an integral part of this strategy,” he added. “This event aligns with NBK’s commitment to continuously upskill employees with the aim of maintaining an edge in the rapidly evolving technical landscape,” he noted. NBK pays paramount attention to developing the capabilities of its employees, harnessing all its resources to progress their career by providing training and development programs, in cooperation with globally renowned educational institutions. In addition, NBK consistently supports its employees in building their careers within the bank, reflecting its conviction that continuous developing and upskilling of its employees is instrumental to sustaining its excellence in the rapidly evolving technical landscape in the banking industry.

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