KUWAIT: In a bid to help youth utilize the long periods they stay at home due to the COVID-19 crisis, LOYAC Foundation recently launched its new media program; 'Arab LOYAC' with participation of youth from Kuwait, Lebanon, Jordan and Yemen in a series of online programs made to match the current curfew period. The program is broadcast on Mondays on Instagram from 9:00 - 10:30 pm and is divided into two segments, the first to review the achievements of LOYAC branches in the Arab world and the second to exchange expertise amongst volunteers from those countries. The first episode talked about LOYAC in both Kuwait and Lebanon.

Speaking on the occasion, LOYAC's chairperson Farea Al-Saqqaf said that the aim of the program is to highlight the achievements of LOYAC in Arab countries. "The Corona pandemic proved our vision to be worthwhile and that the unity of humanity destiny is real and not a romantic dream," she said adding that according to LOYAC's vision, the universe operates in an integrated system of components despite the change in shape.

"Those components are eventually a form of independent life meant to ensure ecological balance. It is all of us not you and us that matters regardless of nationality," she underlined noting that enlightened youth are needed everywhere to achieve peace and prosperity.

Further, Saqqaf said that the post-corona strategy focuses on intensifying cooperation and integration and combining efforts through a well-defined media plan. "Hence, I seize the opportunity to declare launching a new program between LAPA and LOYAC, which had been already executed in Lebanon under the name 'MobiArt-Kuwait' to provide art learning services for children of needy families in Kuwait as well as opportunities for youth to volunteer," she said.

Meanwhile, board member at LOYAC Lebanon Nadia Ahmad expressed her happiness with the program. She noted that Lebanon's branch had recently celebrated its tenth anniversary marking ten years of endless efforts to help youth despite its limited resources. It provides them with opportunities to take part in various programs such HOMES, Vocational Training, Voluntary Programs, The Art Convoy for refugees and the post-school program for children aging 6-12, which were all achieved with the support of Kuwait's LOYAC and the Kuwaiti people, she added.